‘How to boost productivity with quality managerial skills’

Leke Olufade on boosting productivity

Leke Olufade on boosting productivity

The Group Chief Executive Officer of Management School of Excellence (MSE), Leke Olufade, has advised top executive officers to acquire and exhibit good quality managerial skills as part of measures to lift productivity.

Speaking at an interactive session with Journalists, Olufade explained that for the nation to achieve a progressive industrial sector, there was need to restructure managerial competence in organisations rather than “just doing it as business as usually”.

He said: “’Organisation need to put right people in the position and well trained and able hands should be the one to mange companies in other to keep the workplace in the right other”.

He explained that the nation’s economy was facing challenges, “Mangers in companies are to see themselves as people who are ready to serve rather than seeing it as seat for making riches alone”.

He said Professional mangers are what organisation needs, noting that only competent people should be hired.
He said: “Nigeria need to promote able hands to enable them compete with foreigner mangers”.
He described skill development as developing yourself. “Developing your skills begins with assessing which skills are important for your desired career development”.

He identified different skills that must be possessed by good mangers, to include managerial skills, technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills.

Olufade said managerial skills are what the manager uses to assist the organisation in accomplishing its goals.Specifically, he said a manager would make use of his or her own abilities, knowledge base, experiences, and perspectives to increase the productivity of those with whom they manage.

According to him, most employees expect their managers to have a technical skill set above their own so that, when needed, an employee can come to their manager to find out how to do something specific to their individual job.
He added that human skills are critical for all managers “because they work with people. Managers with good human skills understand their role inside the manager/employee relationship and how important things, like trust, cohesion, fairness, empathy, and good will, are to the overall success of the organisation.

He said human skills help the manager to communicate, lead, and motivate an employee to work towards a higher level of productivity.Olufade explained that a manager’s conceptual skills allow him or her to solve problems in a strategic and calculated fashion.

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