Agboola launches The Reality of Time

Author, Jide Agboola (left); Lola Akinyele, and Green Ergon Managing Partner, Oguntayo Seun, at the launch of The Reality of Time… in Lagos

A business process initiator and customer service expert in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Jide Agboola, has launched his book, The Reality of Time. It focuses on better usage and understanding of time, as a tool for progress and a worthwhile, convertible resource to achieve any kind of desired development.

According to him, “This cuts across everywhere and the major point we are hitting on is time management. It has to do with environment; our environment constitutes time wastage. We measure our growth and progress using our achievements based on time. Everything we essentially do is wrapped up in time – past, present and the future. So, we cant underestimate the importance of time in our lives.

“Everyday, hours are spent and when accounted for, we discover that there are opportunities we have wasted. When somebody is in a wrong career, it’s a waste of time. The speed is useless in a very wrong direction. If you have not been doing what you are supposed to do, then, definitely, you are wasting your time. It takes grace to turn back from that path you are following, to the right path!”

While reviewing it, Ogunsote Adegboyega, a financial Institution performance management analyst, said the book is an important reminder of the importance of time, as the human life is actually summed up in time units.

Adegboyega noted, “The dividing line between the past, present and future is an illusion,” and explained further, “today is the tomorrow you referred to as yesterday, which in actual fact, time is the link between all three facets of existence – past, present and future. The book is meant to bring to our consciousness the fact that time is essential and extremely important to our everyday activities.”

Head of Marketing OVN Energy Marketing, Ganiyu Azeez, said the book is a reflection of what the author has gone through and how he surmounted them, adding that it is a practical book that will help change the notion of time management and increase productivity.

“Time is a very scarce commodity and most people think they have sufficient time which is not,” he said. “So, whatever they need to do – talking about time management – is to take action, learn from your mistake, engage in things that are valuable, profitable and success is yours.”

Also, Chief Executive Officer, Acceltage Consulting and Business Process Consultant, Abiodun Adetula, said the book, which is concise, addresses the importance of time to productivity, which would help in economic development of the country.

The author, Agboola, explained that the reason for writing the book was borne out of inspiration on how time has not been taken seriously all over the world regardless of religious belief, skin colour or creed.

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