Clogs Reloaded Back On Stage July 17

A scene from the play

A scene from the play

BY popular demand and in order to continue to rev up the spirit of political change blowing across the country, SNAPSHOTS Productions, a Covenant Christian Centre drama group, will bring on stage again its science fiction Clogs Reloaded, with the subtitle Nigeria 2060 –Back from the Future. Venue is Covenant Christian Centre adjoining National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Date is July 17. It’s written by Omotunde Akiode, and directed by Mr. Duka Kachi.

A red carpet reception starts at 3pm, with a futuristic photo exhibition of some of Nigerian cities seen some 50 years from now in 2060. Play performance starts 4pm in the church’s main auditorium.

Clogs Reloaded is a powerful multimedia stage performance that sets agenda for Nigerians on the country they should aspire to have rather than the current one that is bogged down by ineptitude, inefficiency and corruption. It’s a “live theatre projection of the Nigeria of our dreams,” according to the artistic director, Kachi.

When Clogs was last staged on May 29th, Nigeria’s democracy day, as has become the tradition with Covenant Christian Centre, as a means of charting new direction for Nigerians in attaining a desirable country majority believe they deserve, but which is truncated by what man refer to as organised political madness that has robbed the country of orderliness and progress.

A statement from the director Kachi says about the play’s projection, “Set in 2060 Nigeria, Clogs challenges the national psyche of today’s Nigerian citizens… Clogs challenges all Nigerians to embark on our own peculiar travail which is to build the Nigeria of our dreams starting now. Clogs is a science fiction live theatre multimedia projection of Nigeria into the year 2060.

“If Nigeria becomes the greatest nation of the world by 2060 and Nigerians of today were transported there by a time machine, what do you think would happen? Would we be the clogs in the wheel of progress with our old ideologies? So, let’s begin the paradigm shift now in order to partake in the future of our dreams”.

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