Glo’s professor Johnbull excoriates sagging, indecent dressing in episode 8

saggy-pantsIn continuation of its forte of social re-engineering and moral suasion, high riding TV drama series sponsored by Globacom, Professor Johnbull, has denounced the rampant habit of pulling down trousers to reveal underpants widely called “sagging” in Episode 8 shown last Tuesday on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes.

Scene after scene, the episode christened “Happening Guys” depicted the gullibility of girls represented by Eliza (Queen Nwokoye) and Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko), who encouraged young boys to keep up with the Joneses by sagging. Both Jumoke and Eliza palpably relished the moves called “Swags” which they hailed with shouts of approbation and fondness for Dudus and Flash.

The curtain raising scene showed Dudus (Ayo Makun), a salesman visiting Professor Johnbull’s house to sell clothes to his son, Churchill who had instructed Eliza to usher Dudus to his bedroom where Professor Johnbull (Kanayo O. Kanayo) caught him sagging his trousers.

This encounter and the street scene with Flash who also sagged his trousers, drew the ire of Professor Johnbull who roundly condemned sagging as “the stupidity of a he-goat” and described saggers as “street urchins”.

Lovelorn Eliza begged her father to allow her to keep a lunch date with Dudus to truly assess her feelings for him but the outing turned out to be a fiasco for Eliza, who broke down in tears when her date, Dudus was rough handled and humiliated for losing his wallet, which made it impossible for him pay for their meal.

Professor Johnbull postulated that Dudus was embarrassed because his improper dressing portrayed him as irresponsible. He experimented with another outing involving Eliza and a properly dressed Dudus, recreating the same scenario of loss of purse. This time, the effect was positive.

Concluding, the moralizer, Professor Johnbull said “what we parents see sitting, our children cannot see even if they stand on the highest mountain. You may be a good person at heart but how do the people perceive you? Stop sagging, dress responsibly. This is Africa. What works in the West, may not work here!”

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