Star Triplex Show That Hooked Enugu Fans

Fans making merry

Fans making merry

It was a bumper exciting party time for many Enugu residents as Nigerian Breweries stormed the city with its new Star Triplex.

The company which set up an experience centre at the heart of the city, ensures that every residents who made a stop over at the centre, which opened on Saturday and closed yesterday, had a fun filled time, as the spot was a combination of a bar and a club setting.

As early as 6pm, the spot was opened to receive guests who were ushered into the hall by lovely ladies who took them through the routine of watching a documentary of how the new product is brewed before having a state of the Star Triplex.

It was after then; the guests were ushered into the main hall to party till late in the night. In the hall, many danced and giggled to the hit songs being dished out by the deejay, partying hard, displaying it was an opportunity they had probably been waiting for. There were others who came with their babes and female partners to give them a treat, courtesy of the Star Triplex outing.

Others who could not stand up to dance, apart from sipping their beer and shaking their bodies, tapping their foot on the ground, watched others danced, free-styling with other guys or their female partners. Also, on hand to add colour to the night, were a team of dance group who entertained the house with energetic dances to the admiration of many. Some of the guests later decided to join the dance group to party.

In a chat, the Senior Brand Manager, Star, Mr. Chidike Oluaoha, said that the introduction of Star Triple X was borne out of going the extra mile to ensure that his company provides superior satisfaction to its consumers. He stated that one way it does that is to always check with the consumers to know what they want and if what they have currently is enough, or there is something extra they would want.

According to him, “We asked the question in our usual way of checking with our consumers, what more do you want? And that question elicited one answer from them and that answer is, we want Extra! So our consumers told us that they want extra. They love our beer, they love the portfolio of brands that we have because of course Nigerian Breweries Plc is renowned for its portfolio of great brands. Our esteemed consumers love and trust our brands, but they want more, they want extra!”

He said as a result of this, his organization dug deeper, got more insights into what needed to be done, which gave birth to Star Triple X, with the Triple X in the name standing for Extra Smooth, Extra Strong and Extra African Herbs.

“We know that Nigeria is big on herbs. Nigerians believe that herbs have medicinal and health benefits. These we know. So the business decided to come up with a proposition that will encapsulate the extras that our esteemed consumers want. The Extra Smoothness comes from 100 per cent barley; because Star Triple X is made of 100 per cent barley. The Extra Strength comes from the 5.5% alcoholic content. And the Extra African Herbs comes from a 14 natural selection of African herbs such as bitter kola, kola nut, ginger.

“Having put together such a fantastic product, we also wanted to introduce it to our consumers in an extra exciting ambience with an extra first-of-its-kind experience. You can’t have a fantastic product like this, the first of its kind in Nigeria and perhaps in the world and just sneak it into the market. And that is why we’ve built this extra experience centre. Starting from the great larger-than-life bottle that you see here, which I believe is the first-of-its kind in Africa, perhaps the biggest in the world. It is quite monumental. Everything that you see here depicts the extras that this product comes with.”

The product launch also broke convention and probably wanted to give the South East market, as it was the first zone to experience the launch. As Oluaoha said that the launch of the product in Enugu does not mean it was aimed at making it a regional product.

“One of the reasons we decided to come to the East first is because the East is one of our biggest markets. The brand is definitely not an eastern or regional brand, it is a brand for Nigeria.

“We are a business that is consumer inspired and we are proud of that. We love to go the extra mile for and with consumers. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are connected to consumers. We hear them; they hear us. And we take them seriously. We don’t want to give our consumers just the basic things. We want to give them Extra, that special touch that makes it Nigerian Breweries. And that is the touch you are seeing here today.”

Reviewing the launch, he felt it was a fantastic outing, as one of the objectives was to attract as many people as possible to this Experience Centre, which was achieved.

“In addition to bringing people here, get them to also go through the experience and taste the product. As you have testified, the results are all around us. We expect that tomorrow through Tuesday will be far greater than today in terms of results.”

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