Why a degree is not enough

Recently, Miss Ima Isip, the CEO of Outsourceries, launched her book, A Degree is Not Enough, at the Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos. The launch introduced a book, which is the manifesto of a movement of people who believe that a degree is inadequate and overrated.

It pushes the society to adopt functional and self-education as against over-dependence on a certificate to enhance their lives. A lot of youths with good degrees live below the poverty line or cannot find good jobs after graduation.

According to Isip, “the book will set a path for academic institutions to refer to as well as inspire people to achieve their educational and financial goals. It is a book written out of a passion to correct issues facing the educational system and labour markets.”

The book addresses unemployment from the unemployability and skills acquisition angle. Many youths struggle to find jobs or start businesses due to the lack of employability and skills training that prepares them for the real world. A Degree is not Enough will help students, undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs, employees and employers to gain a fresh perspective on the new era of education and business as well as add value to their societies.

After graduating on top of her class and serving as a departmental president, she wanted to share her experience and wealth of knowledge on how to navigate the limitations and adapt to the new rules of the real world. She observed that there is a huge gap between what is needed to succeed in the labor market and what is taught in academic institutions.

“This book is essential for everyone who wants to understand the new rules as well as become indispensable to the society,” she said.

A Degree is not Enough seminars are held to educate people on the values that need to be adopted to succeed in the new era.

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