Govt plans independent ownership of oil pipelines

Refinery-2Commences arrangement to legalize illegal refineries
Arrangements are in top gear by the Federal Government to incorporate independent ownership of oil and gas pipelines in other to aid smooth maintenance and operation of the pipelines transport system.

Already, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has started drafting the modalities of operation in the independent pipeline regime.

Deputy Director, Engineering and Standards Division, DPR, Olumide Adeleke, disclosed this during the Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN) conference in Lagos.

Adeleke, who berated poor maintenance of pipelines in the country, said the new regime would allow the independent operators to build, operate and maintain the facility.

This according to him would enable them take proper care of the pipes and guide against incessant vandalism that has largely impacted the national operations negatively.

The DPR chief noted that there are technologies to monitor the pipelines, but unfortunately vandalism has continued to take its toll on distribution of products in the country.

“There are several committees looking into vandalism and I know that there are digital monitoring systems in place to detect the ruptures, including the standard of laying pipelines so deep into the ground, yet pipelines are vandalised every day,” he said.

According to him, the DPR is now planning a special unit where it would be looking into special issues, including pipeline construction and maintenance.

Meanwhile, he said the department is presently devising a mechanism whereby it can invite illegal refiners in the creek, equip them and legalise their businesses.

Already, he said an agency is presently working to train some of the illegal refiners, whom are hopefully going to be engaged legally, after the mandatory training scheme.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    This is a good plan and is what needed to be done a long time ago. There is no reason that any pipeline should be above ground. only the pipeline operator and the regulator should know where the pipeline is buried. it is about time we begin to bring those illegal refineries in line and begin to ensure that they operate according to the rules. Nigerian’s have shown a capacity to be creative, why don’t we support them, encourage them legally and build more capacity. yes they committed a crime, we can punish them with fines, prevent it from happening, and then support the growth of the legal operation.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      And tax them in addition

  • musa aliyu

    I’m not convinced that this will solve the problem. This rather explains why they kept vandalising the pipes -because they need it to be privatised to them. Mtchewwwww

  • LagLon

    finally. some sense on the illegal refineries!