NEPC charges business chambers on non-oil export devt

Babatunde Faleke

Babatunde Faleke

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has urged business chambers in the South-West region to advocate the exploitation of natural resources that give the region comparative advantage as part of measures to boost non-oil export in the country.

Specifically, the NEPC advised them to take advantage of the export potential in the various agricultural commodities available in their prospective states, as a way of generating income.

Speaking at a seminar, tagged ‘’Opportunities in non-export business in Nigeria’’, which the NEPC organized in conjunction with the Ibadan Chamber of Commerce, in Ibadan, Oyo State, NEPC’s South West Regional Co-ordinator, Babatunde Faleke, urged the chambers to take up one of the numerous identified products with export potential, scale up production and earn some foreign exchange, especially for the body and its members.

Faleke lamented that it is unfortunate that the region over the years, did not build on the efforts of the forefathers who used the proceeds of agriculture to develop the region and made it a pacesetter even in the international community.

Some of the produce with competitive advantage identified by the regional coordinator include, soyabeans, sugar, cotton and yarn, palm oil, petrochemicals and methanol, rice, nitrogenous fertilizers , ammonia, hides and leather, cocoa and gold.

According to Faleke, Nigeria’s non oil export potential has not been fully exploited despite the endowed natural resources.He said: “it is no more news that the oil cannot sustain our economy. It is unfortunate that we had neglected the legacies of our forefathers and now the reality cannot be avoided. Proceeds from agriculture were used by our fathers to develop the region but we are still where we are. That is why we are calling on chambers in the region to take advantage of the export potential in various agricultural commodities in generating income for themselves and their members

“To achieve that, chambers need to take up one of the numerous identified products with export potential, scale up production and earn some foreign exchange. There are ready markets for these commodities so long they meet required production and packaging standard and that is what NEPC is here to do, to educate members of Ibadan Chamber on how to go about it”

Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Ministry of Trade, Investment and Co-operatives, Wasiu Amoo, assured the gathering that the state will not relent in her efforts towards creating an enabling environment for industrial development of the state, and engaging in some collaborative schemes with the FG, private entrepreneurs and relevant international organizations.

Speaking earlier in her presentation, Mrs. Margaret Amusan-Ogunnaike noted that “in those days, Nigerian economy was impressively sustained by agricultural produce such as cocoa, coffee, timber, rubber, groundnut to mention but a few” adding that “it is high time we looked back to see where things had gone wrong in Nigeria.

“With the complete dependence on oil, less attention was given to non-oil export business in Nigeria, thus depending on mono-economy which is the same as putting all her eggs in one basket, with the attendant risks of encouraging laziness, corruption, financial reckless and social vices among the upcoming generations”.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    That is the only and best solutions for states. they have got to use this resource to generate revenue to do other development needed in the state. The time for oil allocations is over and the price of oil would continue to affect the country. we need to produce locally, consumer locally produced good and add value to our natural resources. Any state that refuses to do this would continue to be a poor state.