IXPN Saves Telcos Some $80,000 Monthly

World Wide Web (internet)

World Wide Web (internet)

INTERNET Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), internet infrastructure provider that ensures that local contents are made indigenous has saved telecommunications operators connected to the exchange over $80,000 by increasing its value adding services.

Nigeria Communications Week investigations revealed that IXPN is presently controlling 20 per cent of connected operators, both internet service providers and telecommunications operators traffic as it makes such traffic local.

Each of the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) operators’ traffic at the exchanges is at the average of 900 mega bit per second (Mbps).

It was further gathered that the cost of this traffic if allowed to go out of the country without IXPN will cost each of the providers $90,000 as the cost of a Mega bit per second at the international market is $100 and it is charged per month.

This service being provided by IXPN cost each of the operators a paltry N200,000 thereby saving them $80,000 per month.

However, an operator with highest subscriber base saves more than the others.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek also learnt that this is made possible with the exchange success in bringing international internet content providers such as Google to host its server in the country and when it concludes an ongoing discussion to get more international and local content providers to host their servers in the country, more money and foreign exchange will be saved for the country and operators as well.

Meanwhile, IXPN has emerged the second largest internet exchange point in Africa as it reaches 12 gigabit per second traffic.

IXPN has overtaken every other internet exchange points even those that started before it and now next to NAP Africa of South Africa, the biggest in Africa which controls 50 gigabit per second traffic.

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