Labour seeks improved workplace wellbeing for higher productivity

The need for improved wellbeing at workplace has been described as a critical factor in organisational growth.

Speaking at the celebration of the 2016 edition of the World Day for Decent Work in Lagos, the President NUPENG and Chairman, Nigeria Council of Industrial Global Union, Igwe Achese, said supporting the wellbeing of workers would boost employee effectiveness and also raise productivity.

The NUPENG boss stated that it is time for workers all over the world to draw the attention of employers, governments and relevant agencies to the need for decent work in order to improve productivity in workplace.

He added: “We are in a world where workers safety and work environment are facing serious challenges. The hue and cry of the union have often been neglected; Factories inspectors no longer do their Jobs. The laws governing occupational safety and health are obsolete and need quick review.

Industrial accidents are so common sense now with compensation still nothing to write home about, we are at a crossroad in the safety and welfare of our workers.”

He disclosed that globalization brought in its awake new technologies that have severely transformed the world of work since mid 80s with different models of businesses and work arrangements/relationship which the traditional employment relationship upon which labour standards and workers protection were based have since given way to highly fluid and dynamic employment relationships.

Achese said the major motive for temporary and casual work is profit, which comes which comes with absence of decent work, job insecurity, poor health and absence of safety provisions in workplaces, absence of medical provisions, lack of training, long hours of work, lower wages and low quality jobs.

“Workers are made to work in human situations and conditions resulting into widening poverty circle and increased inequality”.
He added employers are anti-union and that is why the work place is now defaced with workers working without safety, tools and other necessary materials.

“We of the IndustriALL Global Union call on the government and employers of labour to make the work environment decent with the provision of necessary tools to work and safety measures,” he submitted.

He urged the federal ministry of Labour and Employment to ensure employers of labour allow workers to unionize as enshrined in the constitution for freedom of association.

“It time casualisation and outsourcing be stopped, as it is modern day slavery, he than call on the Federal government not to contemplate selling our national assets, especially the four refineries but instead complete their rehabilitation,” Achese explained.

He then advised the Federal Government and National Assembly to close ranks and pass the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) saying the passage will bring sanity and transparency to the oil and gas industry.

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