Ernest Danjuma Enebi


Ernest Danjuma Enebi, Founder and Managing Partner of The Denda Group, was born and raised in Kaduna, Nigeria. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Business at Northeastern University – Boston, MA where he helped set up the Social Enterprise Institute at the D’Amore Kim School of Business. In 2008, he helped implement an innovative program that partnered US Business School students with their counterparts in developing countries, to provide strategic business consulting services and seed funding for local micro-entrepreneurs to start, build and grow their community-based businesses.

In 2010, he moved to New York to work as a construction manager in the city’s booming commercial construction industry. During this time he continued to work as a business strategist to several non-profits, most prominently serving as chief strategy officer for the innovative clean water charity – FACE Africa. After 5 years in the construction industry and over 7 years as a consultant, he founded The Denda Group – a brand design and growth strategy company that helps build, grow and scale primarily Africa owned or focused start-ups, non-profits and small-medium sized enterprises.

Most recently he helped design and build the first world-class full service tech innovation hub in Abuja, Nigeria – Ventures Platform. Which aims to attract tech start-ups from across the continent and help spur rapid economic growth through the ICT sector. He is also a culture critic, social activist and is one of the premier fundraisers in the diaspora for causes benefiting equality and social justice on the continent.

Articles by Ernest Danjuma Enebi