Dizengoff provides farmers with folia spray fertilizer

PHOTO: www.worldbank.org

PHOTO: www.worldbank.org

As part of efforts to ensure that farmers across the country are able to improve on the quality of the food they produce, while leaving the environment friendlier, Dizengoff Nigeria, has introduced new method of applying fertilizers on crops called fertigation/nutrigation, through Folia spray.

According to a statement signed by Marketing Communication Manager, Mr. Humphrey Otalor, Folia spray is the application of fertilizer solution on the leaves of the plant.

He noted that application of the spray at the right time and with the right amount on the leaves of the plant increases the yield and improves on the quality of the crop. “To ensure optimal and effectiveness of the spray on the crops, the plants are usually sprayed during specific times of the day and during critical growth stages of the plant, when their effect is maximal (just before flowering and when the fruit is growing).

“ The fertilizer is dissolved in a tank and then injected into the irrigation system, and passed unto the plants. The composition can be adjusted depending on the season, so it adapts with the changing needs of the plants, which is referred to as teaspoon feeding and is applicable to all kinds of crops, including vegetables, as well as greenhouse and open field cultivation. Teaspoon feeding is also known as the folia spray.”

He noted that when spraying on the plants, the plants absorb some of the fertilizers immediately as soon as it is applied, while some of the fertilizers dries up on the leaves when the air gets hot. “At that point, nutrient uptake temporarily stops, but at night, as a result of the dew, the dried fertilizer dissolves and the nutrient uptake is renewed. This circle repeats itself for a couple of days until the fertilizer is completely absorbed by the plant.

Otalor noted that quality of food is affected by the quality of the fertilizer that enters the ground, adding that the primary products of the Haifa fertilizers are potassium nitrate, a salt that supplies potassium and nitrogen to the plant.

“In addition to the potassium nitrate are magnesium, calcium and phosphorus that are being developed by Haifa, Israel, for advanced agriculture. Efficient and environment friendly fertilization, much like Haifa chemical teaspoon feeding concept, is a critical element in advanced agriculture. Adopting the proper approach to plant nutrition will benefit the crop, farmer and the environment.

“Our goal at Dizengoff, is to ensure that farmers across the country are able to improve on the quality of the food they produce, while leaving the environment friendlier and improving the quality of our lifestyles.”

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