Firm Invests $64million In Nigeria Aquaculture Industry

Dr.-Akinwumi-Adesina1THE Triton Group of companies has invested $64million into the Nigerian Aquaculture industry as part of effort to boost local production of Tilapia and Catfish in the country.

Triton group, whose business strategy in the country had focused predominantly on the importation and distribution of frozen fish has diversified into the establishment of catfish and Tilapia production in the country.

The initiative is in line with the new policy thrust of the federal government, which mandates companies importing frozen fish into the country to demonstrate their commitment by investing in the fisheries value chain.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina during the formal introduction of the company to the Minister on Wednesday in Abuja said the investment which would span for a period of 5-7years would help to harness the fisheries potential in the country.

He noted that the contribution of the company to the Nigerian economy would generate 3,000 jobs, increase local fish production by 70,000mt, also the country would earn $85million in terms of foreign exchange.

Opportunities available through the investment include the exportation of tilapia and catfish to US, Europe among other countries. Adesina explained that the exportation could be achieved by genetically improved brood stock and their feed production.

Other opportunity is the ECOWAS bilateral trade for import and export of Nigeria produced items to other countries and vice versa. He disclosed that to meet up with government mandate, the Company had set up a pilot facility in Catfish production, which involve the conversion of their cold room facility in Lagos state into a two-million capacity hatchery for the production of catfish fingerlings.

The minister, however, assured the Triton Group of a strong institutional support, and the provision of policies that would encourage more investment in aquaculture including tax holidays, enhanced access to land and credit facilities.

Mentioning that the country has abundant water resources and could expand it both local production and export purposes, he noted that the government would be providing them with infrastructural assistance particularly under the Staple Crop Processing Zones.

The Chairman, Triton Group of Company, Mr. Ashvin Samtani disclosed that the company has been operating in the country since 1995 and focused on sea food, poultry and aquaculture, adding that now, the investment aims at exporting Catfish and Tilapia to US, Europe and other countries. He however requested for the concessional funding for their large-scale project, and duty free import for aquaculture equipment.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    this are the kind of policies that we need to develop various industries. we can’t continue the importation of everything, when we can produce it. i just hope that the incoming president would recognize this minister and the minister of trade and investment for what they have really done. these two need to made to continue their work.