CDC canvasses public support for children with disabilities

Nigerian-School-Children-The-TrentApparently worried by the burden of stigmatisation in the country, the Children’s Developmental Centre (CDC) has called for improved public support for children with special needs.

CDC, in commemoration of its 20 years anniversary in the service of children with disabilities, said that it is only through public acceptance would the special children be integrated into the society and helped maximize their potentials.

Founder and Director of the Centre, Dr. Yinka Akindayomi, stated that CDC was set up with a vision to support children and young adults with developmental disabilities and their families, and in doing so, help them to build their self-esteem, social skills and achievement.

“But most important is creating an environment that is accepting differences in the population,” Akindayomi said.

Speaking on the theme of the anniversary: “Compassion, connection: Why our communities should care”, she said that the inclusion of children and adults with any disability into the mainstream could only come through the compassion of the people and communities.

“Without compassion there is no connection, without connection there is no you and I. In order for a community to grow, it must include everyone’s needs. This is why the value of compassion is even more relevant concerning issues of today,” she said.

Akindayomi stressed that the sense of disconnection is so pervasive that unkindness, indifference, and selfishness appear as the norm, while compassion, kindness and caring are uncommon.

She explained that CDC had over the course of two decades pursued its mandate with single-minded determination, evolving into a major humanitarian leader for children’s wellbeing in Nigeria.

During this period, the organisation has impacted on the lives over 2000 children and young adults with development disabilities and their families in Nigeria.

“Slowly, our impact is being felt through various projects dotted throughout Nigeria. Who would have thought we would be here today providing comprehensive services and programmes to a wide range of families?”

She added: “It is our mission to revolutionize the basic services for children and young adults with developmental disabilities, as well as promoting our vision, which is to make sure that all Nigerian children with developmental disabilities have affordable quality services.”

For society to ensure the desired transformational impact on the lives of the people, stakeholders must collaborate and move beyond rhetoric to match lofty words and plans with action, she said.

Reaching this important milestone represents a remarkable evidence of the body’s relevance and commitment to the socio-economic development of Nigeria, Akindayomi said, adding that the service looks ahead to the next decade with renewed resolve and vigor to serve the community even more.

“CDC is committed to ensuring that consumers of the service are able to strive and thrive through making their own decisions.

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