Oloye CopyAbuja residents besiege Buhari at praying ground
Curti Uwuigbe says: “May Almighty God keep our dear President and may He show that even as the President has openly admitted protection comes only from God.’’
Amador Kester: “Safety is of the Lord. That’s why a leader must be righteous, unbiased and God-fearing always instead of trusting in security, armour, surveillance etc which can fail man.’’
Mike: “Which residents? The educated who value life will never risk their lives doing such because no one knows when the next explosion will go off.’’
Offor: “I am sure that God will protect you. Just work with justice.”
OneNaija: “Remind me please. What happened to JF Kennedy?’’

Fayose condemns DSS invasion of Col. Dasuki’s homes
Fuzio says: “Well said governor You are playing your constitutional role as an opposition politician. Keeping quiet in the face of tyranny is no virtue.”
M.G. Laweso: “Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State should not forget in a hurry his sealing off of all roads leading into Ado Ekiti town. His was fine because Fayose did it. Now that DSS is working, Fayose says it is overzealousness and signs of dictatorship.’’
Modibbo Adamu: “He has forgotten what he did to a judge inside the court. Please always update your past wrongs before you criticize others.’’
Ojiyovwi: “The dark act of intimidation is unfolding.The opposition cannot and should not be cowered into silence and acquiescence. Those criticizing Fayose for crying foul should realise that an opposition exists in all democracies and it is constitutionally correct and proper to hold an incumbent to account to, rightly check the urge and inclination of the powerful towards impunity.’’
Citiguy12: “PDP clowns are many.’’
Babalakin: “No hard feelings. The former NSA need no fear or raise alarm as long as the search yields nothing. He is part of the Nigerian security apparatus and as long as they did it legally, he need not worry. By the way what did the search yield? If he really feels his right has been violated, he can always head to the court. Life is simple.’’
Sunshine: “I love Fayose. The man who says his mind.’’
Attahiru Zubairu: “A whole assembly was sealed up by the police under your watch but you did not condemn the act, rather, you backed the police.’’

Senator tasks Buhari on electricity supply, hails EEDC
Amador Kester says: “Reports from that zone show that the EEDC is the worst power DISCO in terms of dishing out crazy bills and deliberate denial of prepaid meters to its consumers. This is a monumental financial crime any how you look at it. The meters have to be provided and all the estimated crazy overbills refunded promptly or consumers can litigate actionably if EFCC does not step in.’’
Femi: “These politicians are shameless and because an average Nigerian has a very short memory, how can this man forget so quickly the 16 years of horror PDP put Nigerians through. No light, no fuel.’’
Haunted: “Any improvement in electricity you are enjoying now is thanks to Jonathan. He did a lot to rebuild that sector and other sectors and the result is what we are seeing now. So do not ascribe the honor to Buhari. Stop being myopic and give honor to whom it is due. Truth cannot be buried.’’

Aisha Buhari says she still cooks for the President
Amador Kester says: “Good development and she has to hold workshops for women professors, ministers, executive directors and others on the need to take their family meals and children’s upbringing seriously as the family is the most important human institution.’’
Darebakky: “The good news and advise is that, no matter how highly placed a woman is in the society, she should be humble and do her duties as a wife.’’
Ladi9lives: “Advocating virtues that are becoming lost on this new generation of women- humility, simplicity and good family values.’’
JJ The truth: “I think there is a lot to learn from this. Besides, she was only telling the children why she has to leave them, not actually to impress anyone.’’
Eugene Okonkwo: “Woman, behold your husband. Husband, behold your wife.’’
OtaFox: “Why won’t you cook for your husband?’’
Anonymous: “Well said madam first lady.’’
Amaka Ngenegbo: “Nice one madam Buhari.’’
Joel Onis: “Hard working, some lazy ladies will need a chef.”
Irabo bobby: “Nice one from a responsible woman. So romantic.”
Funmilayo Obaniyan: “I have always wonder if rich people cook for their husband. Thank God I got my answer. Even if my husband is a trillionaire, I will always cook for him.’’
Anony: “My mum at over 70 still cooks and serves my dad. The man will go annoyed if any one else serves him.’’
PDP decries DSS’ siege on Dasuki’s residence, warns against dictatorship
Me says: “Where was Metuh when human rights abuses and administrative high handedness were the order of the day during the last administration. For records, the DSS besieged his house and placed him under house arrest for just 24 hors which is in line with constitutional provisions.’’
Benny: “I don’t think this is right. This is democracy. GEJ laid the foundation, PMB should build on it, not to take us back to the military era.’’
Vision: “
It is so disturbing that such uncivilised approach to issues can still take place in our present day Nigeria. Nigeria is bigger than any individual ambition and political party.’’
CF Okeke: “Just warm up. You have not seen anything. More are coming.’’
Citiguy12: “Nigerians are indeed good people and know the bad politicians.’’

We will wipe out Boko Haram, says Osinbajo
Uzoma says: “From all indications VP Osinbajo’s role in this government is becoming clear: he will do all the condolence and commiseration visits. I just hope next time he will try something a little more original than that we-feel-your-pains line.”
Fuzio: “The wise man says: “Speak softly but carry a big stick.” You cannot conduct a successful war with boasts on the pages of newspapers.”
Izeobor: “The Nigerian media should be held accountable when politicians make empty statements without any media member asking the politician/s reasonable questions. Osinbajo should have been asked whether he would use the broom or eraser to wipe out Boko Haram.”
Degoodnigeria: “Sir; please stop talking and start showing results immediately. You cannot win the war on terror by boasting on the pages of newspaper everyday. Your government must realize that while the United States can help Nigeria militarily, it is the responsibility of government to build the supporting security structures and institutions that will galvanize the entire nation towards this one goal of ridding our country of the scourge of terrorism.’’
Curti Uwuigbe: “Boko Haram needs to be mostly ignored or glorified in the media. The military high command should stop talking about their plans to hit BH. Secret strikes should be secret and not announced? If the plan to attack Osama had been made known America wouldn’t have got him.’’
Dominic: “This is not what Nigerians expect from you sir, we want to see action please.’’
Luke Dennis Odia: “The comments show that Nigerians are indeed afraid of Boko Haram. Government is not for orators but actors.’’
Amador Kester: “Again it seems you are trusting only in artillery pieces, infantry and tank formations, air squadrons that can win the battlle but lose a war. Does it mean our imagination cannot soar beyond a brigadier’s moustache?’’

Prince T: “If PMB and his vice should stop talking and stop provoking the terrorists, things might be better. Each time they make all these comments BH attacks more.’’

Why we invaded Dasuki’s houses, by DSS
UAlloy says: “Decree 2 loading.’’
Prince Ethel: “Sign of dictatorship, we will see how far you can go.”
Sunshine: “What DSS is doing or has done was exactly what NDLEA did to Kashamu. It is absolutely wrong in a civilised nation. This is impunity and is this what change is all about?’’

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