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Buhari ready for talks with ‘credible’ Boko Haram
Prince T says; “This talk with Boko Haram will not work. There is no credible BH. Another splinter group that will be deadlier will automatically spring up. That was how ISIS came out of Al Qaeda. ISIS felt that Al Qaeda was too soft. By the way, how can Boko Haram disobey ISIS that they have an affiliation with? ‘’
Joseph: “What credible Boko Haram? Boko Haram is evil. They need to be flushed out. They are not Muslims, they are simply evil.’’
Medo Sam Sotin: “Buhari is fighting war against crises of confidence and credibility.’’
Osanebi Osakuni: “That is reminiscent of African ideology. Nigeria lost most of her gains against Boko Haram before the elections. More deaths have been recorded over this short period than any other similar period prior to Buhari’s coming.”

No room for gay rights in Nigeria, says Buhari
Blonde Johnny Bass says: “Hmmmm, maybe there is still hope for the hopeless.’’
DanielKelechukwu: “A decision that made him stand out. We value our culture and gay will never be accepted. Thanks Mr President.’’
PCI 2: “Thanks PMB, this is a good step in the right direction.’’
Auwal Lukhman Abdullahi: “I know that PMB will not agree to this abomination because our culture and religion disaproves it.’’
David Chikills: “Buhari will never accept such repulsive deviancy. He’s a Muslim. We Nigerians don’t impose our cultures or traditions on others, I wonder why these people should impose theirs on us.’’
Owhonda Henry Bright: “That is the man I voted for.. Each day I thank God that he is keeping you alive for this country. Thank you Mr. President. Keep on uplifting this nation everywhere you go.’’
Thusspokez: “How could Obama offer Buhari gay-marriage when homosexuality is banned and illegal in Nigeria? Wouldn’t it first have to be unbanned before gay-marriage?’’
Jaybee3: “I honestly couldn’t understand why any sane human being would think the U.S. can force us to legalize gay marriage.’’
Richybanky: “God bless PMB. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.’’

Buhari is treating PDP members as war prisoners, says Metuh
Joseph says: “Why are PDP members so scared now? I thought they said their hands are clean and the federal government can probe their administration. Guilty conscience already dealing with them.’’
Raji: “PDP are prisoners of war at this moment because Nigerians have been in prison for good 16 years under their leadership.’’
Oj: “I’m an astute PDP member. However, any party member whose corruption allegation is proven should be brought to justice. We must all say no to corruption.’’
Shakiru Ashamu: “This is a case of post-election traumatic stress. Can someone help him?’’
Prince: “The prison occupants changed from Nigerians to PDP members. What does Metuh think of this?’’
Girling: “A guilty conscience needs no accuser.”
Tayo Akin: “Waste of time and energy, it is worse than you think, PDP is not a prisoner of war but a convict in the condemned cell.’’
NonPartisanElder: “There is fire on the mountain and there is nowhere to run to. The foreign governments have committed to cooperate with President Buhari to recover all loot and extradite all looters to Nigeria. Please advise all the PDP looters to vomit their loot with accrued interest immediately; and to pray for soft prison terms. Blackmail will do nothing. President Buhari is doing exactly what the masses mandated him to do.’’
Ade Smart: “We only have two political parties in Nigeria today. The oppressor party and the oppressed party, but now I think the oppressed is about to be liberated.”
Isah Abuh: “If the CSO is a member of PDP as claimed, then his arrest is justified because he can not be in service and at the same time be a member of a political party.’’
Vivi Deka: “When will Nigerians learn? We are fighting wrong people while the real culprits are enjoying themselves. What is the difference between PDP and APC? ‘’

Jonathan’s ex-CSO, Obuah says ‘I’m alive and healthy’Police Copy
Benny Agafa says: “Where are the faces of liars? Those that have corruption as their surnames. What will you say now?’’
Emmanuel A.J: “Dead or alive is irrelevant. Justice must run its full course.”
Jonathieve: “Mischievous and blasphemous. Nigeria must survive.’’
Rockson Wilson: “How democratic is that country?”
Maria Darego: “Buhari himself was overthrown, arrested, and detained to give account of his stewardship for many months! The man is just meeting out the treatment he got in 1985 to others.’’
Okey: “This sweet and sonorous song from a person in gulag is highly suspect. Until and unless you are released, I will continue to take this as a conditional statement.”
Steve: “So everybody that served his country and was removed, replaced or retired must be arrested to give account of his stewardship? What account of stewardship were you giving for 6 days? Could you not have given that account coming from home? Must you give it in detention?’’
AEfula Parallax Snap: “Those who are corrupt and have stolen the country’s resources should be brought to justice. But itshould not be selective , otherwise it will have adverse effect on APC as a party and on President Buhari.’’

Dogara’s group insists on zoning principal offices
Joseph says: “ It would be unfair for the South West to occupy two positions while the North Central and South East are left out.’’
Busybody Andyjero: “South East voted PDP. Go and form your minority leadership.’’
Ndifavour Actor: “I know people will be happy to see two brothers, South South and South East engage each other. Not anymore. We now know our enemies.’’
Raymond: “Forget South East, their time is over. In the last administration they pocketed all assembly and ministerial slots.’’
Cool Head: “Whether Federal character or State character, there’s what is called equity, justice and good conscience.’’

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The new JAMB policy is abysmal, nonsensical, myopic and ludicrous. Why would JAMB choose for applicants? Is it JAMB that will pay their school fees?

The issue of gay marriage came up here yesterday. PMB was point blank. Sodomy is against the law in Nigeria, and abhorrent to our culture.

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