Expert Urges Investors To Exploit Integrated Agric Potentials

TO further tap into the riches of the unfolding diversified economy through agriculture, Nigerians in the private and public sector have been advised to make investments in the sector.

Emerging Port Harcourt-born integrated farmer and industrialist, Al Humphrey Onyanabo, said given our natural human and land resources, “We have the capacity to feed Africa and indeed the world with vegetables, fruits, livestock and crops instead of being a dumping ground. The opportunities are enormous and limitless, an untapped goldmine that benefits investors, workers and the nation.”

Onyanabo said his company is presently building strategic alliances and partnerships towards building a modern factory that will process, sell locally and export its own produce and processed foods. It plans to set up farms in three states namely Ogun, Rivers and Nasarawa states.

He added, “We are consolidating home grown talents with adaptive foreign technology to create a huge local farming and food processing company that will produce world class certifiable products. Our vision is to operate a conglomerate of farms and processing facilities in Nigeria, working in tandem with locals in our novel partnership-farming scheme using the comparative cropping advantage of each region. We have already entered into technical partnership with a Chinese company to help achieve these goals. We are available at”

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