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As part of its effort to improve the quality of life and promote healthy living among the people, medical experts have recommended regular use of dedicated and medically supervised detoxification and fitness regimen.

An anatomist and reproductive endocrinologist, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, and a consultant nutritionist, Mrs. Idowu Ashiru, have attributed ugliness among humans to the toxic waste stored up in the body.

The experts revealed this at the opening of the Mart-Life medical wellness, beauty and anti-ageing center over the weekend.

According to Idowu, Mart-Life Detox Clinic has been ranked 4th globally and are affiliated with the Mayr clinic Austria and in partnering with Piroche Cosmetic and equipment of Italy as well as Avant-Garde system from Germany.

Idowu, who is also the Director of Mart-Life medical wellness, beauty and anti-ageing center, said it is vital to rid the body of all toxins it has accumulated which leads to mental and physical stress and sub optimal health and well being.

Oladapo, who is also the Medical Director of Mart Life Detox Clinic, explained that the clinic welcomes all, from person with diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer patients, arthritis, weight loss, facials, body enhancement and general wellness of the body. “Since detox is the core of every treatment program here we cannot over emphasize the need for adequate relaxation, thorough cleansing of the digestive system, and the change of nutrition habits,” Oladapo said. He encouraged everyone to make a good use of this facility. “Four life -changing equipment’s namely Lymph Drainer machine, Ultra Sound Scan, Diamox and Beauty Steam machine was introduced. This is a major expansion for the clinic and we are happy to inform everyone,” Idowu confirmed.

How do these equipment benefit the body you might ask? Well according to Osewa Kenny a physiotherapist for Mart-Life. ‘The lymph drainer machine is used to increase lymph flow, remove toxins from the body and increase immune function. Used to relieve joint pains, arthritis, menstrual cramps depression, cellulites. It also aids in removing excess water retained in the body as well as helps with body sliming.’’

Osewa further explained that Diamox machine is a non-evasive surgery that allows a patient get tummy reduction, tone the body, facelift and remove cellulite without going under a painful surgery. While the Beauty Steam machine acts like acupuncture but without the needles it works on different parts of the body and helps to detoxify the colon, gall bladder and intestines.

‘’The ultra sound scan machine is helps to give a youthful radiance and is very is also good for arthritis and other parts of the body,’’ added Idowu.

According to Doctor Temitope Fashina, Mart-Life Detox clinic is the new generation of Modern Mayr Medicine was modern medicine, investigations, diagnostic techniques and tools that are incorporated into Mayr medicine.

Fashina who is a Mayr physician and general practitioner added: “We concentrate on the digestive system to bring the whole body to a state of optimum health.”

A beneficiary, Mrs. Oladunni Fowekan, spoke highly of the doctors and nurses as well as the general staff for the care and patience that was showered on her during her medical stay. While another client, Prof. Adenike Osoba, said: ‘’Refreshing, if you are stressed and you come in here, you won’t even remember because it’s so peaceful .I mean I live in Ibadan and when I came here I sometimes forget to call my husband because it’s so peaceful.”

Idowu added: “In Nigeria we have the oyinbo mentality, we have everything here. We have the best equipment and medical care why look further.

‘’Mart-Life Detox Clinic is of global standard. Why go to another country when it is right here.’’

According to the endocrinologist who became a professor at the age of 32 said that the Mart-life Detox Clinic is geared towards beautifying and ensuring the general wellbeing of the body system.

Speaking about the idea of setting up the clinic, Oladapo, who is a joint pioneer of In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Research in West Africa expressed: “Human beings need to look good. There are some toxins in the body system that got there either by a way of eating or the type of food we eat or gotten from the environment that must come out before we can achieve meaningful things.

“You can be here to loose your weight even after childbearing. It is an anti-ageing process. Regardless of age, you need to be healthy and prolong your life span, not to die of high blood pressure…”

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