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Nutritionists have described nutrition as the bedrock of development for any society. According to Professor Oguntona, “There is no doubt that nutrition remains the bedrock of development in any society and reducing malnutrition requires paying special attention to the areas of food, health and care.” Quoting an article from the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition, Oguntona maintains that in order to achieve sustainable improvements in nutrition, capacity development is essential in food and healthcare delivery.

The coordinator of the Dufil M.Sc. Nutrition Award, Prof. Tunde Oguntona of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta made this statement during the cheque presentation ceremony to twelve winners of the annual Dufil scholarship.

The brand Manager Dufil Prima Foods, Mr. Tope Ashiwaju maintained that satisfying consumers’ demands for healthier products are essential to meet the needs of the market and Dufil has demonstrated this with its continual support once again with the Nutrition empowerment for postgraduate students.

He further reveals that Nigeria launched its National Policy on Food and Nutrition in 2002 with the overall goal of improving the nutritional status of all Nigerians. This policy set specific targets, which include reduction of severe and moderate malnutrition among children under the age of five by thirty percent by 2010, and reduction of micronutrient deficiencies (principally vitamin A, iodine and iron) by fifty percent by 2010.

He goes further to point out that malnutrition still remains a great challenge, particularly for mothers and children. It has contributed to the deaths of about half a million children each year — or about one out of every two child deaths — and imposes a staggering cost to the nation. In light of this, the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition has revealed that investing in nutrition makes economic sense because it reduces health care costs, improves productivity and economic growth and promotes education, intellectual capacity and social development for present and future generations.

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