‘The beauty of wearing hijab’, by scholars


Some Islamic young ladies wearing hijab

Notwithstanding the persistent attack against hijab from some quarters, concerned Islamic scholars have emphasized that the Islamic attire promotes the true beauty and preserves the dignity and integrity of Muslim women.

The scholars, who were apparently worried about the recent call for ban on hijab, believed that such move would be tantamount to violation of the fundamental human right of Nigerian Muslims.

The latest move was lunched by some Nigerians who sought possible ban on hijab due to the preponderance of female bombers who wear hijab while commiting their terror acts.

The Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Professor Ishaq Akintola, however condemned the idea, describing it as, “laughable as it is preposterous”. “It is the height of provocation. It is an attempt to ridicule Muslims in public. It is nothing but a hidden crusade against Muslims,” he said.

Akintola, in a statement made available to The Guradian, said the proponents are simply intolerant, parochial and fanatical Muslim-haters who have drowned themselves in the ocean of Islamophobia. “Above all, it proves that in spite of so many religious riots which occurred in this country, some Nigerians have not learnt their lessons as they are still reluctant to live and let live. We assert that this crude attempt will definitely fail.

“It is widely known that anti-Muslim elements within the country have tried on several occasions to mislead gullible Nigerians that this country is a secular state. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Nigeria is a multi-religious state where freedom of religion should be enjoyed by Christians, Muslims and traditionalists.

“Any attempt therefore to ban hijab in Nigeria will tantamount to a brutal assault on Allah-given fundamental rights of Muslims. It will be a contravention of Section 38 (ii) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. “MURIC asserts clearly, unequivocally and unambiguously that Nigerian Muslims are not slaves in this country.

We are neither servants nor second-class citizens but bona fide Nigerians and equal partners in the task of building a virile and united country.

We will not allow anyone to blackmail us into submission over the Boko Haram imbroglio. “Anybody who compares Nigerian Muslims to their Chadian, Nigerien or Cameroonian counterparts is living in a fool’s paradise.

How many Muslims are in Congo-Brazaville for instance? What applies in those five countries where hijab was allegedly banned does not apply here.

How many religious riots have you heard of in those countries? How dare you compare them to Nigeria in this context? “Sentiments apart, the Nigerian society is a very volatile one and religion is particularly explosive in this country.

The Nigerian Muslim community is sophisticated and cannot be brushed aside by any minority elitist group brandishing a rustic and myopic idea. We know our rights and our rights are our rights,” he stated.

Another scholar who simply identified himself as Alhaji Shokunbi, insited that the idea is archaic and unacceptable. He said, instead of stigmatizing Muslim women, “Nigerian security agents should be more professional.

They should be proactive. Intelligence gathering and forward-looking anti-crime tactics is the in-thing in serious security outfits everywhere in the world today.

We have agenda for security agencies. They should go after Boko Haram’s bomb-makers or are they ghosts? Nip Boko Haram bombing plots in the bud. Destroy their laboratories of evil.

Leave our women alone.” According to him, a call for a temporary or permanent ban on hijab is ill-conceived and out of place. “You want hijab banned because it’s been reported that ladies in hijab are used as suicide bombers.

Did your brain fail you to remember that hijab isn’t an explosive? Would you call for the ban of suits because men in suits are assasins? Would you call for a ban on the Internet and video cameras because the terrorists use them to spread their propaganda? Would you call for a ban on military uniforms, private vehicles or public gatherings because these have been reported utilities of the terrorists?,” he said.

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