‘Government should provide more funds for medical institutions’

 Prof. Babatunde Solagberu

Prof. Babatunde Solagberu<br />

The Provost Lagos State University College of Medicine, Prof. Babatunde Solagberu, has charged Nigeria governments to fund medical institutions to ensure proper and adequate healthcare delivery.

He said there is need to expand medical facilities as well as infrastructural developments to promote safety in the medical institutions.Solagberu noted this at the 53rd Inaugural Lecture of Lagos State University held at its campus in Ojo, Lagos.

Solagberu said: “Government is not doing enough. For instance, I am the provost of Lagos State College of Medicine where we train medical students. We have over 1200 patients in our surgical emergency room; 30 percent of them we send them back because there is no space anymore. So we need medical facilities expansion in the institution to enable us save more lives.”

Solagberu added: “Though government alone cannot do it, we need support from civil society organisations. There is a role every individual needs to play to improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria. “You must not be a medical doctor before you support improvement of healthcare but good Samaritan; to contribute to better medical care service for well being of the society in order to reduce injuries and promote safety.” Speaking on the title of the lecture, “Of broken bones and broken dreams; a bone carpenter to the rescue,” Solagberu said the purpose of the lecture was to make society better because university researches and innovations would be of no value if they cannot make society better.

Solagberu said: “Of course I am a medical doctor, I went to specialize as an orthopaedic surgeon, which means I treat bone, joint, muscle, and tendon diseases. I must have done researches in this arena. The things that are threatening the bone, joint, muscle and tendon are things that would damage them through energy transfer. The highest cause of bone damage as it has shown all over the world is road crash injuries.

“When people’s bones are broken of course they cannot continue with whatever they are doing, it would affect their dreams. Most time the bones can be repaired. So, the fact the bone is broken is not necessarily mean the person’s dream is broken. We the orthopaedic surgeons can come to patients’ rescue, which is how the title came about.”

Solagberu stressed the major cause of broken bone is road accidents, which are caused by human, vehicle and environment.He did: “We did research and find out 85 per cent of road accidents, are caused by humans. People would drink, sleeping and driving also drive against traffic. In human factor we have two major problems, which include over speeding and fatigue, environmental factor, include potholes on the roads and broken down obstacles. In vehicle factor the two major problems are burst tyres and break failure.

“Spinal cord injuries in the hospitals, 20 per cent of them are caused by road accident especially those who are in open lorries while traveling. I feel such transportation should be banned to reduce spinal cord injuries”.

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