Mist Mag: Experts warn of dangers using it as beauty product

Milk-of-magnesia-Milk of magnesia (MOM) and Mist mag are well-known antacid medicine for treatment of constipation and for symptoms caused by too much acid such as heartburn. But the magnesium content has made these products have another usage as alternative face primer for both make-up artists and enthusiasts. Due to the high magnesium content, they are now used to prime the face before applying any form of make up, which instantly reduces the amount of oil on the face, leaving the face silky smooth.

Considering the high cost of Milk of magnesia, which sells for N1500, some make-up artists came up with a cheaper and equally effective solution, the Mist-mag.

It goes for just N200, making it easily affordable and accessible. Some women use it solely for the purpose of having smooth skin surface on which to apply make-up, and not necessarily for the oil reduction. They claim that it keeps their make-up stay longer without having to apply more at intervals, even during bouts of heat during the day.

A make-up artist, Mrs. Adebukola Ken-Oaihi of Posh Royale, who admits to using milk of Magnesia for a year now, both on her clients and personally, testifies of how it drastically reduces oily nature of the face and makes her work easier and nicer.

“I have been using milk of Magnesia for sometime now. It is basically used as a base before application of make-up material (foundation and concealer) on the face; like preparing a canvas for painting. It is a very good form of oil control, which stops shine and should be specifically used on oily skin to help make-up last longer.

“The sticky nature of the drug sucks oil from the face, leaving your make up fresh, for at least, eight hours, depending on the oil nature of the skin.”
Side effects

She, however warned against abuse of the drug, originally meant for oral application, as there could negative side effects. From experience, she said there are clients, who always ask for it even when there is no need for it, not minding the risk. She added there are also those with dry skin requesting it because of an earlier positive result. For instance, there is a risk of dryness and tightness of the skin, which can cause irritation and flakiness,” She said.

A medical expert, Mr. Gbenga Akinwunmi, said milk of Magnesia was formulated as an antacid and laxative, and any other use of the product aside that, could be harmful to the user. “There is actually a good reason why people would put this product on the face; Magnesium hydroxide, which actually is a main component of the drug, is remarkably effective at breaking down the major components of the oil on the face. It is no surprise people keep recommending it as a make-up base. This product is formulated to neutralise stomach acid and it is going to do that, but on the face, it could destroy the acid mantle and leave the skin unprotected. This may also cause dermatitis, interfere with the activation of enzymes involved in extracellular lipid processing, disrupt the shedding of dead skin layers and damage overall skin integrity. It may be an effective oil control, but using a cosmetic face primer is healthier on the skin,” He advised.

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