How to Add Value

Lady-on-pc-CopyThis article is for any girl that wants to add value. To add value means to go beyond the standard expectations and provide something ‘more’ while adding little or nothing to its cost. When you add value, you become more valuable to others.
Listed below are the various ways you can add value in all your endeavours

Improve Skills
What skills can you do very well? Some people have basic skills but others have become masters through continuous learning. There is no excuse these days because you can find just about anything on the internet. If you have the skills but do not have much experience then find ways to volunteer. If you are student, find summer work. Every experience matters in the long run.

Become an Expert
It simply means being highly skilled. Become an expert and make yourself indispensible to your group or work. Once you can do things very well, gained from experience and learning, then you are considered an expert. You can also volunteer to speak on what you know and write articles on what you do.

Be More Productive
Find ways to be efficient and that will be a great added value to anyone. Come up with ways to make routine tasks more efficient. Be the person that is known for meeting deadlines especially tight ones.

A Person of Influence
What influence do you have? What can you get others to do? Do you belong to a large network? Do you have contacts? These are not things that add costs but they definitely add value.

Have a Vision
People that are visionary add value because they see what others do not see. They have the ability to look at things in long terms. They bring good ideas based on thinking outside the box. Companies are always looking for people that can bring new ideas.

Interpersonal Skills
Develop strong interpersonal skills which include listening, having empathy and communicating effectively. If you have these skills you will have the ability to win new business, defuse irate customers and preserve good customer relationships.

Have a Great Attitude
This is my final point and probably the most important way to add value. Your attitude towards yourself and others is a key factor in adding value. The way you think and respond to things positively adds value. This comes from being passionate about what you do.

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