How to build the greatest company in the world

Photo; rajputassociationofamerica

Photo; rajputassociationofamerica

What does it take to build the greatest company in the world?
Q: How do you build the world’s greatest company?

OF all activities known to humanity, engaging in something for the mere sake of merely surviving is the most hazardous to our journey here on earth as human beings. I have never been comfortable with the thought of merely doing things. It really does not make much sense having to spend time, effort and resources doing things just as every other person does it. In my opinion, the joy of any activity be it in business or in life, is in its outcome or the result it produces. No one cares nor will ever care about whatever you are doing unless it’s creatively being done in such a way that it is significantly different (unique) and significantly affects the life of others (useful). This statement is true both in life and in business. Your ability to stand out from the crowd (being different) is what will determine whether you will be spotted or not and your ability to consistently add value (making a difference) is what will determine whether you will be rewarded or not.
Greatness = uniqueness (being different) + usefulness (making a difference)
Making this equation a reality in your business is what this article is all about. As an entrepreneur, if your idea of a great company is to own a business that makes you loads of money, then I suggest you find another career path for yourself, because being an entrepreneur might not be your thing.

This is because true entrepreneurs seek to make a difference by creating something new and exciting; money is never their primary objective. Their sole objective for going into business is to build a significant company. That is, a company that is different (uniqueness) and making a difference (usefulness). To bring this significant company into existence and nurture it into greatness is the passion of a true entrepreneur. Money is never their main reason for existing, to them, money is only a reward or the result of their commitment and passion to building a great company. As a result, true entrepreneurs do not do business as usual – they go about business in an unusual manner. In other words, true entrepreneurs are not motivated by money rather they are motivated by a cause. They go into business to make a vision, idea or dream a reality both for themselves and for others. Their passion is building a significant company and nurturing it into greatness.
The making of a great company
Define Your Uniqueness: As we have always emphasized, a business that does not stand for something will fall for anything. The first step to greatness is to decide to be different. There is no way you can be great by trying to be like others. As it is the case with us humans, so it is with businesses too, no two businesses are the same. Greatness is a function of finding your own uniqueness as an entrepreneur and building a company that expresses that uniqueness. It involves being true to yourself and sticking to what you do better than any other person. In the context of business, greatness is about finding a reason for being other than just making profit. Until you can look beyond the money and discover a bigger picture (purpose) for your business, greatness will remain a dream. So here is the challenge for you as an entrepreneur whose desire is to build a great company; “what’s so special about your company?” “What contributions is your company making in the world?” “What will your company be remembered for?” “What cause is your business fighting?”
Deliver Your Usefulness: The second step to greatness in business as well as in life is to consistently add value to people; for service to many leads to greatness. Having decided on what your company is going to stand for in the first step now is the time for you to deliver on all that your company stands for. Defining your uniqueness is about making a brand promise to the world, stating clearly, what your company is about. Delivering your usefulness is about fulfilling that brand promise every single day to every single customer that comes in contact with your company. It’s one thing to be unique, but it’s another to be useful. Unless your uniqueness delivers some usefulness to the world, no one will give a damn about how special you are. The very essence of defining your uniqueness (being different) in the first place is to enable you to better deliver your usefulness (make a difference). Tito Philips Jnr, an unusual Nigerian that is MAD – Making A Difference. He leads a TRIBE of Unusual Entrepreneurs that raise the bar of entrepreneurship.

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