Hurry up to slow down!

Hurrying up to slow down sounds like an endless wrestling match – no winner in sight.
Essentially this is what happens in life. Each day you jump out of bed, and remain on go-go-go mode until bed time, and then you repeat the cycle. The only time this non-stop roller coaster ride comes to an end, is when you fall ill and are forced to stay in bed because the body resists movement. Why does this need to be the case? What’s the point of running yourself ill just to slow down?

Stop the Cycle. Focus Inward.
When you practice yoga, you pay attention not only to how your pose looks but also how it feels. Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and take one deep breath in and out of your nose. Notice how the belly rises on the inhale, and relaxes on the exhale. Did you feel your shoulders drop down and back, away from your ears? What happened as you focused on your breath? How did the real-ease feel?

That was just one breath. Imagine the sensation that comes from continuously monitoring your breath and easing into relax mode. The rise of the inhale as you shift your body upward, balances out the exhale as you soar closer to the ground. The sense of uplifting and grounding, while scanning the entire body for areas that yearn to release tension, sends a striking love signal through the mind and heart. This is a good feeling. We like good feelings.

Throughout the day we remain in our minds, darting from one thought to another. One of the benefits of yoga, in my experience as an instructor and student, is to experience the shift from thinking to feeling.

To feel is more intimate, and intimacy yields oneness, unity and solidarity. The word yoga itself means to unite. We are all yearning for connection, either to self, others or both. And once you experience deeper aspects of unity, you’ll desire more expansion.

Experience Expansion with Yoga.
Why experience stress when other options such as joy, gratitude and inner peace are readily available?
Expansion and evolution are wonderful experiences, which is why we welcome advancements as a collective society. Yet, there’s a balance to be struck, or else by-products such as stress and fatigue take over. According to the American Medical Association, majority of diseases are caused by stress and other preventable conditions. We have options. We don’t have to stress.

I like how a recent article written by S. Saraswati for describes the purpose and benefits: “Yoga has to be seen as a discipline, a lifestyle and a science of practical living. Yoga begins with the body, goes to the mind and aims to realize the inner nature.  Although initially we do dynamic movements to loosen up stiff joints and muscles, the final aim is to come to a point of stillness and comfort where movement becomes irrelevant. Physical stillness and comfort reflect the state of mind that the body is experiencing.” In other words, the benefits of yoga practice are plenty and range across mental, emotional and physical categories.

Slow Down. Practice Yoga.
Everything surrounding us is backed by technology. Think about it. Scan the space around you. How many gadgets with more than two buttons do you see?
The world is speeding up. Kids seem to be maturing faster, technology changes every second, and that moment when you think you’ve found the most efficient way to manage time, here comes a new method roaming airwaves. Even the way we communicate and exchange information has evolved to include a broad range of options. One day it’s email, the next day we exchange words through Instagram DMs (direct messages) or video posts. There seems to be a new way to do everything – including slowing down.

Do you feel the urge to slow down, relax and just breathe. Sounds like you’re ready for a yoga class or several. Come and practice #YogaWithChoc, 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays and 10am every Saturday. It’s a sure way to help you release tension and slow down. Slowing down feels good.

Discover ease for yourself.

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