‘In words and deeds, let holy Quran be your guide’

The Proprietor of Al-Imtiyaz Arabic and Islamic School, Imam Aderibigbe Is-haq (middle) with 2018 graduating students of the school.

Islamic scholars have admonished parents to give priority to the knowledge of the Qur’an in the process of upbringing their children

To them, a child who has grown up reading and learning the Holy Qur’an is likely to stay closer to Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) because Allah’s love has been implanted in such heart at a very tender age.

This admonition was handed out at the walimot graduation ceremony of Al-Imtiyaz Arabic School, during which the graduands, displayed competence in the memorization of the Holy Qur’an as verses were picked at random and the graduating student read them fluently to the admiration of the members of the audience.

The proprietor of Al-Imtiyaz Group of Schools, Imam Aderibigbe Is-haq, said the lessons taught in the school focus on Islamic beliefs and values, adding that the knowledge of Quran is simply the instruction manual for the human beings.

“The last and final instruction manual of the human beings is the Glorious Quran. The ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for the human beings are contained in the holy Quran. It is a book of guidance to all mankind,” he said.

Is-haq said Al-Imtiyaz Arabic School is one of the contemporary Arabic schools bridging the gap between the modern and traditional teachings.

“We have put in place different logic to make our student assimilate faster. Within two months, the students would have master the art of reading Arabic letters” he said.

He enjoined Muslim parents to take their wards to madrasah in order to reduce the rate of immorality in the society.

The guest lecturer, Shaykh Abdulfattah Ibrahim Aderibigbe, expressed satisfaction in the ways proprietors are running modrasah this day.

“Al-Imtiyaz schools have indeed played a great role in bringing the gap between Al-Quran and modern education”, he said.

He commended the proprietor of the school, for introducing a standard system of teaching the Holy Quran with emphasis on courses that would enable the students get the appropriate knowledge of the Holy Quran.

He said: “The guest challenges encounter by those who fear Allah, the solution is enshrined in the Holy Quran be it economic, political, spiritual or marital.” He enjoined parents to leave up to responsibility of upbringing their children
The Chairman on the occasion, Alhaji Ibrahim Oloko, commended the proprietor’s effort in nurturing students with outstanding performance. e

He advised parents not to relent in the efforts to ensure their children continue to acquire the knowledge of Islam.
“Parent should endeavor to do follow up on their children, the Muslim ummah is losing the young generation due to negligence on the part of the parents. Many of the Muslims children are deviating from the part of Islam,” he said.

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