Firm unveils ‘Get-Reports’ for public relations industry

The public relations (PR) measurement and evaluation agency, P+ Measurement Services, has introduced ‘Get-Reports’, a product that allows for purchase of PR performance audit reports.

Speaking on the product, the company’s Chief Insights Officer, Philip Odiakose, said the report would provide insights into CEOs of four digital banks in Nigeria, using the P+ Measurement Media Content Analysis (P+MCA) methodology in accordance with the Barcelona Principles 3.0.

According to him, the product also highlights digital bank CEOs with the most favourable and unfavourable media reputation, and analyse the overall competitive share exposure of the four CEOs sampled.


He said that the report would also explore top four CEOs in the nation’s digital banking industry with most interviews, as well as partnership/sponsorship, CSR/CSI, product launch, promotion and Fintech media activities.

Odiakose pointed out the product is with five per cent error margin and 95 per cent confidence level and has passed through high-quality checks and audit processes by well-trained media and data analysts with exceptional skills in media monitoring, media research, data gathering, analysis as well as evaluation.

The CIO further explained the reports makes sourcing for data-driven brand PR performance audit report easier than ever and can be purchased on the Mate+ platform through, using various transparent payment methods on the website, and brands and agencies can also request tailored customised PR audit report for their C-Suite.

“The evaluation processes are for those that want to handle their media monitoring internally, but do not want to take the risk of a self-brand evaluation which can also be term as being “the accuse, the judge and the jury of your own homework”, This is because the health of the brand is the end goal for all brand custodians,” Odiakose affirmed.

He avowed that the frontline agency with expertise in media monitoring, PR measurement and audit, and CEO media performance and advisory, has offered services to over 45 brands and 15 PR agencies in its five years of operation in Nigeria.

The organisation, which is the only local AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) member in Nigeria, has exclusive partnerships with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and Reelforge Media Monitoring; the biggest media monitoring agency in the East African region, covering more than five countries.

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