Top 50 Brands in Nigeria now in 80 countries

TOP 50 Brands in Nigeria’s annual report based on the profile of top brands (companies) that are operational in Nigeria, brand research works and related stories, which made its debut online in March 2014 has been viewed in over 80 countries across the world, a statement said. It has also received various enquiries from some of these countries as well, which was observed at a recent online evaluation of activities. Reports were viewed and downloaded from the website and partnering organization’s.
The statement further said, “Every year, our organisation, a leading brand analysis and consulting firm selects 50 top brands (companies) in Nigeria. Our methodology has been on the quantitative analysis of these brands. This includes a special popularity survey, where respondents across major cities in Nigeria participated in the process. We have worked with various other organization in conducting the survey for credibility purposes”.
The top brands for the year are announced at the Brand Nigeria Leadership Forum, a gathering of respected thought leaders, top CEOs and senior corporate decision makers in Nigeria, where we deliberate on enhancing the value of the Nigeria brand. We have decided to use this platform and the reach to also promote the brand Nigeria and help in placing it among the top 20 globally. The last edition of the forum enjoyed full compliment of the media, both print and electronics, local and globally.
Activities at this world class event scheduled for August 2015 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel includes a special brand recognition award for 5 classes of brands that have distinguished themselves across board in these categories, i.e. Most Innovative, Customer Friendly, Most Ambitious, Best CSR, and Most Popular brands. Winners in each category will be determined by a panel of judges comprising of industrial leaders across various industries, except for the Most Popular brand which will be based on the outcome of our popularity survey.
Also included at this event is the presentation of our annual publication, a compendium on the profiles of the top brands, outcome of our research works, special CEO interviews etc.

Publication is circulated across corporate Nigeria. It’s also online for global audience- circulation now in over 80 countries as stated above. A very important feature in our publication this year is a special market research to determine the main reason why different categories of consumers, focusing on the working class Nigerian residence between 21-60years old patronizes a particular brand and not the other.  It is believed that this survey will help head of brands and marketing directors in understanding how best to satisfying their customers and portray their brands. On the other hand, it also helps the consumers in communicating their desires to these brands.
The findings from this research will be available on our website upon completion, also in the annual publication and full details on demand.
The 2015 brand evaluation exercise which will lead to the emergence of the 50 top brands and brands to watch for the year has begun in earnest. Hundreds of brands had been reviewed which has now been reduced to 100 for the popularity index. A list of these 100 brands out of which top 50 for the 2015 evaluation emerges are listed our website and partners’ website.

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