Nigeria ranks 23 out of 38 African countries for female ministerial representation

From lists ranging from oil production to corruption to butterfly population variety, Nigeria’s massive population, high rates of violence and booming economy always guarantee its place in the top three of any African list regardless of the topic.

Like a three-time Olmypian always ends up somewhere near the top but with female representation in executive councils, Nigeria always ranks close to the bottom and it’s no different with female ministerial representation in African presidential cabinets and ministries.

Out of 38 countries, Nigeria ranks a measly 23 right between Botswana and Mozambique with a female representation percentage of only 16%.

The continent of Africa still has a long way to go in regards to politics.

With videos of parliaments dissolving into all-out brawls, presidents calling press releases to deny allegations of being a clone, rampant civil war and some of the lowest GDPs in the world Africa’s multitude of political problems are under constant scrutiny, internally and externally.

But one of the continent’s biggest issues, it’s under-represented female politicians, is always swept under the rug in favour of issues that are seen as more immediate and pressing.

But it’s impossible to ignore the fact that an average of 80% of Africa’s lawmakers are men.

The probability of having a male or female child is exactly 50:50 and as a result, most populations around the world have an evenly split population. So why do Africa’s ministerial cabinets average out at only 20%?

There are only 14 recognised female heads of state and government in the recognised world and only 1 of them is African.

The future still promises improvement Ethiopia recently elected a female President and Rwanda made world history with a cabinet that’s 61% female. The lowest country on the list, The Central African Republic still has a ministry in the works. The country having recently emerged out of civil war has established a council of only two members. With promises of elections in the coming weeks, the dismal 0% may soon change.

Countries ranked in ascending order:

Countries Percentage of Female Ministerial Representation %
Rwanda 61%
The Gambia  50%
South Africa 50%
Uganda 38%
Burundi 38%
Eswatini 31%
Kenya 30%
Chad 27%
Zimbabwe 27%
Cape Verde 25%
Namibia 25%
Madagascar 23%
Ghana 23%
Tunisia 23%
Eritrea 22%
Ethiopia 22%
Egypt 22%
Angola 215
Tanzania 20%
Sierra Leone 18%
Zambia 18%
Botswana 17%
Nigeria 16%
Mozambique 16%
South Sudan 16%
Seychelles 13%
Somalia 11%
Mali 12%
Côte D’Ivoire 11%
Liberia 10%
Mauritius 11%
Lesotho 10%
Malawi 10%
Algeria 7%
Djibouti 6%
Libya 5%
Morocco 5%
Cameroon 5%
Central African Republic 0%
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