NIM honours Kolade as ambassador of anti-corruption

Kolade (left), Uwaga and  Olawale Cole during the presentation of the award

Kolade (left), Uwaga and Olawale Cole during the presentation of the award

Former Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Christopher Kolade has been honoured as an ambassador of anti-corruption by virtue of his integrity and uncompromising belief in uprightness.

Kolade won the prestigious award at the 2015 distinguished management lecture with the theme: “Managing Nigeria’s Resources for National Development and Political Stability” organised by the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), which took place at Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Kolade, at the event, said the nation could be rid of corruption only and if only perpetrators are not made to escape the wrath of the law applicable to offences on corruption.

The octogenarian decried the situation whereby Presidents on assumption of office begin to grant presidential pardon to criminals, who under normal circumstance, should be made to pay the full price of their covetousness and theft.

He called on Nigerians to kick against such pardon with a view to getting a nation of our dream.

“As long as those identified in the public as evil people and criminals can still move freely because they believe they could commit any crime and go away with it, we will continue to have problem in the nation.

“If a governor can steal money and still be hailed and worshipped by his people, we are going no where. If anyone believes we cannot stop corruption, he is one of them.

“It is nauseating that when people are caught in the act of corruption, arrayed before the court of law and proved guilty, the next step is to start bargaining.

“Someone who stole N10 billion would be asked how much he would be able to pay out of the loot through plea bargaining and where he says he would be able to return N10 million, the rest is overlooked. There is no basis for this, which invariably encourages others to even do more and this is my grouse with those in the law profession.

“If, however, discipline is rightly applied and culprits punished according to the law, this would no doubt deter others, who may want to commit a similar crime.”

According to him, the steps to stop corruption in the country include every individual determining not to be corrupt, resistance to every temptation to corruption as well as distancing oneself from any one who is corrupt, among others.

The President and Chairman of Council, NIM, Dr. Nelson Uwaga, in his welcome speech, referred to the yearly lecture as one of the Institute’s corporate social responsibilities and contributions to nation building.

“Nigeria is endowed with the finest of natural resources and the best minds in all endeavours but poor management has been the bane of the nation’s development.

“While other nations which are not as blessed have moved on due to efficient and effective management of their resources and affairs, Nigeria is crawling in almost all facets of its national life as a result of gross mismanagement. The problem of management transcends government business to the private sector and even up to our individual lives,” he said.

He solicited support for the new government and the nation’s armed forces to enable them tackle the insecurity in the country.

The Guest Speaker, Chief Executive Officer, Economic Associates, Dr. Ayo Teriba, remarked that Nigeria has the great potential to achieve enviable economic growth and called on the new government to urgently fix all the sectors that will contribute the most to the country’s development.

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