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adeboye-rccggMemory Verse: Luke 19:8—And Zacchaeus stood, and said… Lord… half of my goods I give to the poor… if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.

Bible Passage: Luke 19:1-10

Restitution makes it possible to follow peace with all men and live a holy life and see God, Hebrews 12:14. In fact, it is an important pre-condition to the attainment of harmonious living and to neutralising the trauma and pain of an offence, trespass or wrong. It is the act of putting right what is wrong; a divine restoration and putting things in good and proper order. It also brings tremendous blessings.
What Is Restitution?

Restitution is first and foremost a matter that starts in the heart and consciousness of the offender. It is recognition of wrong or sin committed, acceptance of responsibility, sincere regret, repentance and a cast iron determination never to repeat the offence or commit the sin again. Usually, the culprit, for the first time, feels the pain of the victim and wishes he could undo the damage. This is a very important step for every believer for a clear conscience and a good testimony. The doctrine is common to all dispensations and present in most jurisdictions, cultures and social mores.
Restitution At Dispensations

Moses taught and gave certain laws on restitution, Lev.6: 2-5; Num.5: 6-8; Ex.22: 1-5. The doctrine was also confirmed during the era of the kings and prophets, 2 Sam.12: 1-6; 2 Kgs. 8: 1-6, and during the Church age, right from the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles until now, Lk.19: 8-10; Philm. 1: 7-12.
The Blessings Of Restitution
Restitution has the following benefits:
Favour from God, Lk.2: 52.
Speedy answers to prayers.
Fearlessness, Ps.27: 1.
Healing, Ps.107: 20.
Anointing for exploits, Acts 10: 38.
Open communion
Protection, Ps.105: 15.
Divine provisions, Ps.132: 15-16.
A clear conscience and inexplicable peace

Restitution makes your relationship right with your fellow man, while salvation makes your ways right with God. One is not complete without the other. When nothing seems to work and stagnation or even deterioration appears to be the prevalent pattern in your life, when prayer, fasting, vigils, praise and sacrifice appear ineffective, maybe the blood, pain, loss and deprivation of the victims of your malfeasance is crying out for justice and restitution, and are standing in the way of your breakthrough. Do what is right and good in the Lordís sight that it may be well with youÖDeuteronomy 6: 18. And so shall it be in Jesusí name.

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