LS Scientific partners HITACHI on HPLC systems

LS Scientific, a service providing firm to the medical, pharmaceutical and allied industries, have strengthened its partnership with Hitachi to provide High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) systems at competitive prices.

  With Nigeria’s growing interest in the medical and research industries encouraged by the success of it’s handling of the Ebola Virus Disease last year, the demand for equipment like HPLC systems have been on the rise.  

  According to LS Scientific’s Marketing and Customer Services Manager, Mr. Ojeikere Ajorgbor, this explains why the firm has been proactive in maintaining its already existing partnership with Hitachi, to meet the demand for new systems.

 “We are leveraging on our relationship with Hitachi to get the most competitive prices possible for newer, more advanced models; and also use the opportunity to improve technical support to our customers. Though most customers attach more importance to the quality of the products and the support services made available to them by our company, we still look to cover all possible angles including price. And by so doing, we contribute our own little quota to developing medical research in the country,” Ajorgbor said.

  HPLC is  a process used in analytical chemistry and biochemistry for separating various components of a mixture. HPLC’s applications are used in purification, identification and quantification in such industries as medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and oil & gas.

  Hitachi have carved a niche for themselves in the design and manufacture of easy-to-use, robust, high performance HPLC systems like the ‘Chromaster’, for achieving spot-on results in the purification, identification and quantification processes. These HPLC systems come in various models suited to the different industries that utilise them.

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