Understanding the true meaning of success

SuccessHumanity is united in the passion for success. Perhaps, there is no emotional feeling that is commonly shared among men than the passion for success. The fact is not just that everyone wants to be a success, but that no one wants to be associated with a failure. People channel a great deal of efforts towards activities (or group of activities) that (they are convinced) will help them succeed. Despite this, success remains, and will continue to remain, beyond the reach of many. This shows that the road to success is narrow. Though everyone naturally desires success, it will amaze you to know that you will get different views of success if you ask different people to define success.

Experience and observations show that though the desire for success is common, there are divergent notions of success among different people. It may interest you to know that many people’s definitions and conceptions of success are erroneous and misleading, and consequently, unacceptable. Some people vigorously pursue what they sincerely misconceive as success, only to become unhappier in life after accomplishing them. This is why it is important that you understand the meaning of success before you start pursuing it. This is why Steven Covey remarks that you should ensure that the ladder is leaning on the right building before you start scrambling up.

What is the meaning of success? Success can be defined in two senses – the general sense and the strict sense. In the general sense, success is the accomplishment of a set goal. There are some implications of this definition. The first implication is that you achieve success whenever you are able to translate a set goal to reality. Another implication of this definition is that success necessarily entails accomplishment. Hence, there is nothing like partial success. Another implication of this definition of success, which is very important, is that success is necessarily related to a set goal. Hence, you cannot succeed in a goal you did not set. Goal setting is the beginning of success.

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