Varsity teacher urges media to promote gender issues

Gender Equality

Professor Tor Iorapuu of the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Jos, has urged Media practitioners to adopt a language that is non-violent, easy, attractive, socially acceptable and timely when dealing with gender issues in the country.

Iorpanuu stated tis while presenting a paper on ‘Establishment of Community Strategy as it Relates to Gender Equality Bills’ at a stakeholders’ recent meeting for the Establishment of Communication Strategy by UN Women in Gombe State. Iorapuu said the communication strategy must be aimed at educating women and girls to impact ideas that encourage behavioural change in the society.

“First and foremost, media practitioners represent the people,” he said. “They are the voice of the people and it is important that before media practitioners are able to write or comment on any issue, it is important they too are well informed about it. Now, here you are about to deal with an issue that is deep-seated, deep-rooted and that has to do with the cultural and religious sensibilities.

“So, in order to engage issues like this, it is important that media people are very careful about it; to make sure tat the language they use is non-violent; it is easy; it is attractive; it is socially acceptable and it is timely. And in all of this, everyone becomes part of the process.

“It is necessary because gender issues are sensitive and have deep-rooted religious, traditional, as well as social and economic implications, and therefore require the use language that is dialogue, shared understanding and respect for the culture and traditions.”

Also speaking was Gender Technical Advisor for UN Women, Peace and Security Project in the State, Mrs. Rhoda Diya, who said that communication strategy, when developed, will guide the effective implementation of the programme, effectively disseminate programme results to stakeholders at various levels and at the end control the inflow and outflow of information better.

According to Diya, “It also says the communication strategy would dispel doubt, emphasise planning and involvement of stakeholders in raising awareness and visibility of the project. The programme of UN Women is being implementing through an EU funding, known as Promoting Women’s Engagement in Peace and Security in three selected Northern Nigerian states of Adamawa, Gombe and Plateau.”

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