Bundle of trouble

My husband stared at me as though I had sprouted another head.
TK: Anjola, if you don’t want to come home tell me and don’t go making up ridiculous stories to put me off.
Me: I am not lying to you Tokunboh. I only found out a few days ago myself and I knew it was only fair to tell you.

TK: I thought you told me your parents were divorced and you never met your father.
Me: That’s the truth but now I know who he is. I don’t have any concrete evidence yet but I have Emeka’s testimony which Aunty Titi confirmed.

TK: Emeka again??? What is it with you and this dude?
Me: It’s not what you think.

I went on to narrate how I came to the shocking realization about who my father was and the circumstances that led to him deserting Afolabi and I. TK was obviously in shock.

TK: Wow. Just when we get to a good place something always happens.
Me: Does this change anything? Don’t you still want me to come home?

TK: Of course I do, but I know about the long standing feud between the Badmus family and my family. It’s really bad and I am worried about how my parents would react to this new piece of information.

Me: TK, it’s their feud not ours. Should that affect us? Either way the two families are now bonded by Oladunni their grandchild. They would have to sort out their differences.

TK: I don’t think it’s something that can be sorted out so easily Anjola. This is a serious issue.
Me: Ok so what caused the feud in the first place?

TK: That’s the thing! I have absolutely no idea! I just know we are forbidden to have anything to do with them or anyone affiliated with them. It’s something really serious and because I have never really cared, I haven’t tried to find out.
Me: So where do we go from here?

TK: How about we go to the bedroom so I can show you how much I’ve missed you.
It was like he was reading my mind. He came closer and pulled me to him, I giggled like a little girl.

Me: TK stop it. We have serious issues to talk about.
TK: Anjola, do you know how long it has been since I made love to you?

Me: How long?
TK: Too long.

He leaned lower and started kissing me on my neck.
TK: I always have flashbacks about that steamy evening in my office. You seduced me, you temptress!

Me: I didn’t intend for that to happen.
He laughed out loud

TK: Yeah right! That dress was worn with only one thing in mind.
Me: Ok maybe you’re right.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face to mine.

TK: Any other surprises Anjola, because we have a long fight ahead of us.
Was this the right time to tell him about the baby? I didn’t know how he would take it. He already felt I came to his office that day to seduce him.

Telling him I just happened to have gotten pregnant would probably look like it was a plot to win him back. Would all that had happened with Emeka cause him to doubt that I never slept with him and make him question the paternity of the baby?

TK: Is there something you want to tell me baby because I really need to take you upstairs right now.

I wanted to tell him I was pregnant but the way he looked at me made my lips freeze. He looked at me like I was the only woman in the world, he looked so happy despite the bombshell I had just dropped. What would dropping another one on him mean? I should have told him about the baby immediately I found out.

I shook my head and smiled. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me up the stairs. I spotted Rosemary peeping from the kitchen, she was doing a little victory dance and I smiled at her.

I decided I would tell him about the baby some other time.
After we made love, I lay in his arms and I couldn’t help myself I just had to ask.
Me: Tokunboh, why did you decide to take me back?
He laughed

TK: I realized that I have become a better man since I met you. You tell me the truth whether I ask for it or not, you stand up to me when I am being a hard headed fool yet when I need you, you always have my back. I find myself always wanting to be the man you need, never wanting to let you down. When I make you smile, I feel like superman. You changed me baby. I was an arrogant, selfish womanizer and you changed me into this person who wears his heart on his sleeves.

I realized that I was so hurt when I thought you were seeing another man because I love you so much. I know now that I should have been more expressive and I should have let you in enough for you to know how much I am willing to make this work but this is new for me and I guess I was scared to be vulnerable with you. All that is going to change now, I promise, this time we spent apart helped me put things in perspective. I now realize what is truly important and I wouldn’t trade this marriage that we have worked so hard to build for the whole world.  Just promise me that there would be no more secrets, don’t hide anything from me and I promise to be open with you as well. I want forever with you Angie.
I couldn’t believe TK was saying all these things to me. In all our years of marriage he had never opened up to me like this. Tears were streaming down my face.

Me: I want forever with you too.
TK: Good. Get some sleep, we need to go and get your things out of that rat hole you have been living in and get Oladunni from the Villa.

I threw my pillow at him
Me: Rat hole? You sound just like your mother.

TK: Speaking of the Duchess. Please let me be the one to break the news about who your father is to my parents. I have my reasons. Please.
Me: Ok but you have to do it soon. I wouldn’t like for them to find out any other way.
TK: I know.

We went back to my little apartment in Oniru to pack up my things and then TK went to The Villa alone to pick up Oladunni and also use the opportunity to talk to his parents about my father’s identity. I was nervous but it was so good to be home. I called Aunty Titi to give her the good news, I also called Linda and Funsho who were over the moon…I think Linda was just happy about the fact that I was down the road from her again.

I called Emeka to tell him thank you and that I was back in the house with TK. He sounded genuinely happy for me. We both avoided the elephant in the room which was the fact that my getting back together with TK was an indication that I had decided to forfeit the possibility of a relationship with my father. I guess Emeka knew that if ending my marriage was the ticket to my father’s heart, I was not interested in having him in my life.

I finally made the one phone call that I had been dreading. It was a phone call to my brother in America. After my conversation with Aunty Titi, she promised to call him and tell him the truth. I knew she had done so because she had called me to tell me how it went. Unfortunately, Afolabi had not taken the news very well and had refused to take her phone calls after that particular conversation. He had also not contacted me and so I decided to call him.

Me: Afolabi, I know this is hard for you; it’s incredibly hard for me too.
Afolabi: You have no idea how it is for me Anjola! I remember him. I was eight years old when he stopped coming, right after you were born. I remember him coming to the house with toys and gifts for me and mummy would ask me to tell my “uncle” thank you. Who does that? I had no idea who he was all this while because I barely remembered his face but after Aunty Titi told me what happened I realized he was the one she was referring to!

Me: Mummy made her mistakes but she gave us the best life she could. Remember her for that and forgive her please.
Afolabi: I don’t have a problem with mummy! She was clearly the one who was used and manipulated by that evil man!

Me: Afolabi don’t talk like that! He is our father!
Afolabi: That man is not my father Anjola! You were not there the day his family came to the house on your naming ceremony and turned the place into a circus. Mummy cried for weeks! You were not there the day I was picked up from school by two strange men and bundled at the back of a smelly truck because they wanted to teach mummy a lesson. You were better off not ever being around him and I sincerely advise that you do not pursue a relationship with that coward! I have no father, I have had none for all the 38 years of my life and I don’t need one. Goodbye!

With that he slammed the phone on me. I had no idea he had been scarred so badly by our parent’s relationship.  I didn’t want to betray him by attempting to establish contact with a man he clearly loathed. I didn’t tell TK about the incidence because he was fighting his own silent battle with his parents over the issue. He wasn’t saying much but I knew his parents hadn’t taken the news well.

A few days later, I got a message from the Duchess summoning me to The Villa. I had been expecting it so I wasn’t surprised. She was alone in her private quarters when I arrived.

The Duchess: We need to have a woman to woman talk so I have ensured we have privacy.
Me: That is fine Ma. I agree we need to talk.

The Duchess: You are one bundle of trouble you know. It doesn’t stop for you, does it? It’s always one issue or the other. First of all you claw your way into making my son marry you, then you embarrass my entire family. You then work your charm into making him take you back and the next thing your father turns out to be the one man I hate more than anything on this earth. What does that tell you?
Me: It tells me that life happens and love conquers all.

The Duchess: On the contrary, it tells me that you are not supposed to be a part of this family. You never fit in and you never will. If you truly love Adetokunboh you will walk away now.

Me: Why? He loves me and I make him happy. If you have a problem with his decisions you should be having this conversation with him and not me.
The Duchess: You don’t learn do you? I have been playing nice this whole time don’t let me get serious with dealing with you. I am warning you for the last time.

Me: What do you want from me? First of all you despised me because I had no family history or name…pedigree as you always describe it. Now you find out my father is a multi-billionaire and yet you are not satisfied. Am I supposed to come from the British royal family and literally have blue blood running through my veins before you accept me?

The Duchess: Even if you were born with a crown on your head and a throne attached to your backside, I still wouldn’t accept you. You are the daughter of that evil monster and that is unforgiveable!

Me: What did the Badmus family do to you? Tell me. Tokunboh and I need to understand the issue and it has to be resolved for the sake of your grandchildren!

I blotted the word “grandchildren” out before I could stop myself.

The Duchess: Grandchildren? Over my dead body would you bring another child to this world for my son.
Me: It’s too late. I am pregnant and even though Tokunboh doesn’t know yet, I intend to tell him soon.

I could tell she was very angry, her hands were shaking and her eyes turned red. I took a step backwards in fear.

The Duchess: Prepare to raise two children on your own just like your mother did, because I will ensure you go back to the streets where you…

The Duchess stopped in midsentence and pressed her hand against her chest. She started gasping for breath. I stood there confused for a moment but as I saw her crumble into a pile at my feet, I realized what was going on…the Duchess was having a heart attack.

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