Eduvie Puegeren: Extreme passion for beauty led me into makeup artistry



Why did you leave engineering for makeup?

I left engineering for makeup because of my extreme passion for makeup. Getting people glammed up for events, and on their day of celebration gives me the type of joy and satisfaction that words can’t describe. I found myself constantly dreaming of makeup. I realized early that this is what I wanted to do. I found my place in it. It makes me feel good. To crown it up, I am talented in it.

How long have you been in the makeover and gele business?

I have officially been a professional makeup/gele artist for a period of four years, although as a teenager I was making up my friends, my mother, my aunties and practicing constantly, but I was ignorant of the fact that it could be a career.
Who are your clients?

I have a wide variety of clients comprising of wedding brides, beauty queens, models, wedding guests, guests attending social events etc.

How do you relate with your clients?

I relate with my clients on a mutual basis. I create a condusive atmosphere for my clients, thereby allowing them to express their desires on the type of makeup look and style of gele they desire. I endeavour to give them the best look and style that suits them.

I also ensure that they are satisfied with my services because client satisfaction is a priority for me.

What makes your makeup and gele unique?

My ingenuity and great attention to detail gives me the slight edge that adds uniqueness to my work especially in the art of tying gele. Also, the variety of knowledge I have acquired from several experienced and top quality makeup artists over the years has added a great deal of finesse to my work.

Where did you get makeup inspiration from?

My major sources of Inspiration are God, my mother and Bimpe Onakoya, the artistic Creative Director of Maybelline Nigeria.

How long does it take you to tie gele?

The time it takes for me to tie gele is relative to the style and texture of the gele requested by a client. It takes me five minutes to tie a fine pleated round gele, I tie a well-pleated fan gele within 7 minutes, and a complicated double gele requires a maximum time of 15 minutes for me to tie.

Your take on the beauty industry

The beauty industry is a rapidly growing industry that is gaining nationwide recognition. The advent of the Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria (MAGN) is unarguably the dawn of a new era in the beauty industry; a good level of regulation will be achieved through this platform. The organisation promotes integrity and high standards through the active participation of its members by offering a series of benefits that will enhance their various enterprise. Also in the beauty industry, an annual beauty summit tagged Beauty Africa, usually organized by a group of bright minds, has provided a fantastic avenue for the beauty enthusiasts to interrelate, and it is very informative.

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