Lessons for every woman from Hilary Clinton at The Presidential Debate

WESTBURY, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary spraks during a debate-watch party at The Space at Westbury on September 26, 2016 in Westbury, New York. Tonight was the first of four debates for the 2016 election - three presidential and one vice presidential. PHOTO: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

WESTBURY, NY – SEPTEMBER 26: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary spraks during a debate-watch party at The Space at Westbury on September 26, 2016 in Westbury, New York. Tonight was the first of four debates for the 2016 election – three presidential and one vice presidential. PHOTO: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

On July 26th 2016, Hilary Clinton secured her spot in history as the first woman to win a major political party’s presidential nomination. Interestingly she still has more firsts to check off her list. On Monday night, she became the first woman to participate in a presidential debate.

The first US presidential debate in history to feature a woman as candidate has proven to be most phenomenal trailed with several chronicles of this epoch making encounter! The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was watched by 84 million people on US TV, breaking a previous record set 36 years ago.

Not too many men let alone a woman would want to face the venomous and acidic tongue of trump. But not only did Clinton stand up to him but she did so very skillfully and gracefully. Her very calm demeanor and ability to handle Trump’s rant is most exemplary. Find a few lessons we can learn from the enigma called Hilary Clinton during the Presidential Debate!

1. BE THICK SKINNED: Often times, Hilary was subjected to Donald’s chauvinistic remarks. But despite the fact that Sexism was most conspicuous during the debate, Mrs. Clinton remained poised throughout Trumps constant outbursts showing she was adequately prepared for him. She was not fluttered or shaken but she smiled through some of Trump’s strongest attacks. Evidently, she is a confident woman who knows where she is headed.

Clinton was assertive, strong, and did not let her opponent’s aggression affect her in any way. Trump displayed a monumental lack of respect towards Clinton and this was evident in the number of times he interrupted her; a whooping 51 times! Despite all of this she kept delivering her message with confidence while interjecting him only 17 times!

When he spoke over her, she turned his sexism back at him; making reference to his derogatory words and reminding the audience of all his offensive terms toward women. She skillfully recalled how he called women “pigs, slobs, and dogs.” She also made specific reference to how Clinton tormented Alicia Machado, The Miss Universe after she gained weight.

2. MONEY DOES NOT EARN YOU LOVE AND RESPECT, YOUR CHARACTER DOES: Despite being a billionaire in dollars, Trump does not rival Clinton in terms of the respect they both command judging from the audience reaction during the debate. So a vital lesson here is focus on building a reputable character, it would earn you more genuine love than money would. Also if you have all the money in the world but have a stinking nasty attitude, you would bare find people who truly love and respect you.

3. BE PREPARED! What soldier goes to the war front unprepared? He will probably die trying. Clinton said, “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes I did. You know what else I did? I prepared to be president,” she added. Her composure, aura, carriage, utterances and points raised evidently showed Clinton was more than ready for Trump! Women, do you have your facts and figure before facing that situation head on? Do you prepare for that task, that job interview, that Business Pitch, that Presentation or even that Church Service well ahead? Have you conditioned your mid to what to expect and what your responses will be? As a woman are you prepared for that relationship, that marriage or that child you are about to bring into the world? May our case not be like that of Trump. “He came in unprepared and what we saw was kind of a meltdown,” said Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters.

“But I think the consensus of this entire debate was that Secretary Clinton was the only one on that stage prepared to be president, and I think the totality of the debate proved how deeply unfit he was.”

Clinton participated in mock debates with her former aide Philippe Reines playing Trump. Trump on the other hand, did not hold mock debates.
Like the Boys’ scout motto, once again I say to you…BE PREPARED!

4. WATCH YOUR TONGUE – Most commentators gave Clinton the edge over Trump after the debate and the post-debate coverage on TV focused mostly on comments made by Trump on stage most of which were surprising and confounding. “I have a son who’s 10, he’s so good with computers,” said Trump when asked about
US Cyber-security weaknesses. Investigations revealed that Trump made a greater number of misleading statements. He repeatedly contradicted himself –sometimes in the course of the same sentence.

The debate revealed Trump’s tendency to make false claims as he made inaccurate statements on everything from laws regarding policing, his support for the Iraq War and his claim that Clinton was behind the birther conspiracy.

His opponent Clinton has capitalized on these weaknesses – loose tongue and bad temperament and used it to dissuade people from voting for him. She says, “…a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.”

Clinton on the other hand, is very careful with her choice of words. She does not allow here emotions or temperament get the better of her. In addressing questions or remarks she has skillfully learnt the tact of attacking the issues and not the person. No doubt she is the seeming winner of the just concluded Presidential debate and very likely the elections itself!

Hilary Clinton is the very first woman to be running for the most powerful office in the world. No doubt, she was a great role model for all women regardless the circumstances and position they find themselves in Applying these great principles from Mrs. Clinton can help you shine like a star and clear your path to success!


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