Taxify celebrates female drivers with See Her Go initiative

Brand Manager Taxify Terver Bender(left), guest speaker Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, Taxify female drivers Olateju Adegboyega and Voke Ejenavi at the event

Encourages more women to take on driving

Voke Ejenavi joined Taxify in 2016 when she came into Lagos as a job seeker. The master’s degree holder, who started living off her savings at the time, opted for driving to make ends meet. “I took the decision to drive because it would give me instant cash to meet my needs and I could work at my convenience.

“It took a bit of convincing before my parents allowed me because I am an only child. When I started driving I got a lot of people saying this is their first time of seeing a woman on the platform, but I am sure there were other women but I never met them. After I got a job, I still did this during weekends and after work.”

Another driver, Olateju Adegboyega joined the company about four months ago. She said that even though the partnership has been rewarding, it comes with its challenges of having to ply bad roads and dealing with traffic situations. “ Most times, however, when I meet people, they are excited to see me and so it boosts my spirit.


“I signed up on the platform after I lost my job, and since I have a car I decided to give it a shot. People discouraged me and reminded me of cases of car snatching and even to the extent of killing a driver, but then it’s all by God’s grace. My brothers most especially have not been in support and have been urging me to go into any other business. My fiancé on the other hand is fine with it, as you know, nobody wants a liability and so I am doing my best.”

These were testimonials at the #See Her Go initiative by Taxify, an online taxi platform that connects drivers with customers.

Speaking at the event, which was targeted at celebrating female drivers on the platform, the Brand Manager Taxify, Tever Bendega said: “We are here to celebrate the female drivers that use our platform. It’s not everyday a woman wakes up to say she wants to be a driver and so we want to celebrate their courage and tell them people have done it, people are doing it and so more women should come on the platform.”

She, however, noted that for women, the most important thing is to provide them with a platform because they have proven to be just as capable and intelligent as the men. “So in Taxify we provide a superior and priority support to our female partners. When there are issues we solve them in real time. We give women the platform and the access that they need to succeed.”

Bendega added: “Lagosians have shown us a lot of love, I think people were needing a viable alternative to move around and so it is has been good. We are growing and currently we have the fastest arrival time of four minutes. That we don’t charge cancellation fees also makes us stand out. We treat drivers better, we call them our partners and we take 10 percent commission.”

While inspiring these female drivers, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe CEO, Zapphaire Events, said that it is important that one adds value in whatever is doing. “Ensure you evolve and add value in whatever you do, do not stay stagnant. Never allow misconceptions to hinder you from growing. Keep at what you do, be focused and never get comfortable being in one place.”

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