The wisdom of our mothers…

While I was in the village…one of Mama’s she-goat wouldn’t stop crying.Her cry was getting to me (more of an inconvenience, actually) and I found myself feeding her and the other goats, so they don’t start their own, whatever food I could lay my hands on.

The food would shut her up for a while and the kpeeeee would start again. And even get louder. So, I went to examine her for any signs of physical discomfort. I found none. And I gave up.

A few hours into the night…pure silence ensued. I concluded that she probably got tired and went to sleep. By the next morning I raised my observation with Mama. Without looking up from what she was doing, she told me that the deafening kpeeeee was because the goat needed a HE-GOAT badly.I didn’t hear that!

Most of us grew fond of animals because Mama has always reared domestic animals for as long as one can remember, but in all my years with her, I never figured out this side of a SHE GOAT. I only know of the irritating sounds that HE-GOATS make when they are bent on having their way with the females.When I found my voice, I asked how the goat eventually got over herself. This time, Mama looked up and pointedly told me that she poured cold water on the goat.

Guess what? The cold-water therapy worked like magic because, for the next few days that I spent in the village, I didn’t hear ‘pim’ again. I am also suggesting this COLD WATER therapy to a unique set of sisters.

Whenever I go to the market and have to come back in a taxi, usually on the days that I do bulk shopping, one of the conditions I give while haggling over the fare with a driver is that… when we get to the house, he will have to help me take some bags to the last stairs.Some readily agree but a few of them flatly refuse. One mischievous driver is fond of saying this to me, “I can even carry you on my back upstairs-if I have to.’’

The same mischievous guy would get to my doorstep and exclaim: “Why do you always send me back from the door? Can’t I be invited in for a glass of cold water?!’’ And on the days that I insist on beating down the price…he would say “nor forget say I go carry bag upstairs for you o. Who know if I go even enter inside today.’’

It’s no surprise that I look out for him a lot before considering anyone else. One has become very fond of his silliness.On the day that I engaged another taxi driver, when I came up with “my condition”…I noticed a reluctance of sorts in his demeanour. I took that to mean “a whole me! Carrying bag for women…how much is she paying me sef?”

When we got home I took the lighter bag and left the heavy ones for him to assist me with.Again…some reluctance. In fact, he merely took the bags to the entrance of the stairs and left everything there. I asked if he’s too big to give me a helping hand with my heavy bags. He did apologise first before sharing his experience of “following women inside” with me.

He said he had picked up a middle-aged woman who flagged him down sometime back and took her to her residence. When she alighted, she made a show of searching her bag for money before pleading with him to ‘come inside,’ claiming that she left her wallet behind.He innocently obeyed and followed her inside. While in there, our woman went into her bedroom and re-appeared in what seemed like a loose gown (still with no money in sight) sat beside him with a “so tell me about yourself’’.

He said that before he knew what hit him, he was struggling to extricate himself from her embrace. According to another, the conduct of some women towards them (young taxi drivers) has become a common knowledge and a lot of them are avoiding that sexual dragnet. These women pick taxis to drop them at home. At home, the unsuspecting guys are invited inside for their money and ‘the play’ unfolds.Please try pouring COLD WATER (on yourself) when the urge to jump on any male around is there.

Otherwise, it just is sick…
. When a woman has no qualms sleeping with anybody.
. When it’s easier for her to pay (every debt) in kind.
. When ‘anything’ goes for a woman…if it comes to sexual settings.
. When that consciousness of ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’ has left your being
…then, yours is a troubled life.
Self-respect should be EVERYTHING to a woman- especially!

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