To Celebrate Mother’s Day Tomorrow

roseIt is universally acknowledged that mothers need to be celebrated in appreciation of the love and care they give their children. However, as many moms enjoy this day with gifts and other forms of appreciation the children think up to spoil them with in return, we see the day as one that a mother could do more in her role as parent- instilling further in her children a sense of appreciation.

Admittedly, it is tempting to put one’s leg up and let the others do the work this time; we tend to agree, too, because a mother is one whose role is round the clock without rotation or rest as the cook, nurse, cleaner, teacher and other jobs that comes to her as the family care giver.

Yes mum, we would not quarrel with you if on this day you sit back or spend the day in bed, not doing any work at all while the presents roll in and dad supervises the family’s lunch for a change.

Yes mum, we agree that you are not asking much when you practically have to drag that word of praise from your son or daughter who thinks that you are there to do their bidding all the time.
“What do you say?”
“Thanks,” murmurs your little son as he snatches the toy gun you have scrimped and saved to buy to make him happy without a backward glance at you.

You are annoyed at his behaviour and you are hoping that he will change as he grows, but children really need to know how to be thankful and should not be left to learn at the time it pleases them to know; they may never appreciate the gifts life throws their way daily. Teach them early to appreciate the little things that happen in their lives when they are still very young.

And what day but the day we celebrate this awesome woman who gives so selflessly is better to make them understand the meaning of gratitude?
On Mother’s Day, when the family would be gathered around you is a good time to teach them by:
Showing Appreciation Yourself
Whether the children are there in person or they have initiated the phone call, tell them that you feel great that day because you are their mother. You can recall particular incidents that tried both mother and child and how you solved it because they cooperated with you; if it was a joyous occasion, retell it with happiness. You are not asking for compliments, but your own sense of appreciating them as children awakens their own feeling of goodwill towards others.

Think of The Needy
Remind them that there are children who have no mothers to celebrate and neither do they have people who care for them. Tell them that you would feel more rewarded if you could spend the day with these poor children; share your food and drinks with them. To make your own children appreciate the gift of a mother more, load them in the car and visit any of these homes to help distribute the items.

Show Gratitude
Appreciate the services of other people. Thank the cook/steward and praise him when he takes initiative; praise as much as you scold him when he is slack. Show appreciation to that boy who helps his mother in her petty trade and runs eagerly with the bunch of plantain as you drive by from school; greet him by name and ask him about school. Your children are watching and they learn to show a sense of appreciating people, with time, they will extend it to their mother.

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