Utter disrespect – Part 2

It is a known fact that MOST married men do ‘peep out’ but any man, especially one who still regards his marriage or has any iota of respect for his spouse, should know where to draw the lines.

To such a man his marital wellbeing should always come first in all ramifications and anything that presents even the slightest threat to the peace or harmony of his matrimony, he avoids or eliminates and… completely so!

One then begins to question the thinking of men whose every activity with ANOTHER WOMAN spells DISRESPECT for a spouse.

A lady that contacted me sometime back said that she received several tips about a particular lady (a divorcee) that comes to her house to keep her (contractor) husband company in her absence…usually when she must have left for work.

When she could not take it anymore, she went with her two sons to confront the other woman.

One thought that her husband would come to the scene of the fight to take his family home. FOR WHERE?

He got there, dashed his wife some slaps…before instructing her to go back to her father’s house from the scene of the fight.

A lot of people condemned his action but there were some (especially his fellow men) who felt he deserved a handshake for being (what they called) a ‘man.’

In fact, they claimed that he has shown that he is the MAN in his home.

And I ask…what is manly in that action of his?

That, to me, is UTTER DISRESPECT to his family and whatever a marriage should stand for, frankly.

I am also wondering how we got to this sad state of things where the truth is gleefully pinned upside down…to assuage some misguided egos.

I am all for men standing up for their own but in so doing…fairness of attitude should also be upheld at all times.

How many of those giving him a ‘handshake’ would stick it if that woman is their sister or daughter?

Or is it that ‘utter disrespect’ of another feels less troubling when we are not directly involved?

It was bad enough that he hurt her by frolicking with another woman in their home, but going this far to further humiliate her before the other woman is most INSENSITIVE.

Trust US…some people are already insinuating and advising the woman to PRAY, that the other woman has used juju on the man.

I do not buy this view.

The man has clearly shown where his heart/treasure lies. But what he does not know is that his gesture (humiliating his woman) will haunt him for the rest of his life…as far as his children are concerned, at least!

Ours is an environment in which a lot of women are conditioned by society to develop a thick skin to a man’s roving eyes, yet most men don’t seem to realise that the manner in which a man goes about his PLAY makes a huge difference.

To start with…no woman will forgive completely (deep down), if you fail to conduct your play in a way that neither disrespects nor gives her an inkling that you even ‘misbehave.’

. Not bringing your ‘play-mate’ home (let alone laying her on your matrimonial bed)…anything contrary is a MARITAL SUICIDE that you are committing.
. Move so far away from your neighbourhood-especially where Madam has been trying so hard to present the CHRISTIAN FAMILY front.
. Develop BIOLOGICAL BLINDNESS where her friends and relatives are…moreso, those that you both have been giving #marriage goals. This includes related ‘spaces’ on the social media.
. That your office where she is known as FIRST LADY…why would you want to reduce her in their eyes?
. Most women would prefer that, that THING goes LIMP indefinitely…rather than ‘taste’ another ‘orchid’.
What is it with men that can’t seem to ‘hold body’, sef?

Seriously, no amount of fun is worth jeopardizing the peace/happiness of your family for and any man that is worth his onions should always know when to draw the lines, because when the chips are down, it is that woman you have at home that you will go home to-in good and bad times.

She is the one who knows what you would rather hide from the rest of the world but still gives you that UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE…why then would you want to take her for granted?

She is the one who deserves your utmost RESPECT…It is bad enough to cheat on a woman that you have sold the IT’S ONLY YOU fantasy to. Why would you want to open a sore by not only cheating on her, but even descending as low as rubbing it in her face?

Oga, you are playing with fire…no woman forgives certain disrespect easily, no matter the kind of IT’S OK that she gives you!!!
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