You can find what you want in life; it’s on the flip side of fear

We are born with two types of fear; the fear of loud noises and falling, and as children we like and want change. However, when we grow older we seem to prefer to hold onto things and not welcome change as we once did, instead the fear of change sets in. Is it that we develop a fear for what we are capable of?

Recently, I read a little article about a bird known to us as the Eagle and thought “wow, how amazing is the Eagle.” Did you know that the Eagle out of its entire species, not only has the longest life span, but that it can live up to seventy years? However, to reach that age, it has a decision to make, a hard one. You see, during its forties, its long sharp beak becomes bent and its flexible talons are no longer able to grab hold of its pray or should I say its food Their heavy old wings stick to its chest due to the thick feathers they have, making it difficult for them to fly L This means the Eagle is left with only two choices and they are to either: (a) to go through a rather painful process of change lasting a period of one hundred and fifty days (five months) or (b) to die.

If the Eagle chooses to go through the painful process of change, then it will fly over to a mountain top where it will sit on its nest. Whilst there, the Eagle continuously knocks its beak against a rock until it has plucked it out after which the Eagle waits for it to grow back and when that has happened, it then plucks out its talons. After the new talons have grown back, it then plucks out its old feathers making room for new ones to grow. Having completed its five months of such a painful and amazing change, the Eagle is ready to take what is known as its “famous flight of rebirth” and goes on to live for another thirty years more. Rather amazing right?

Think about what you have just read for a moment and ask yourself what does the Eagle teach us? What can we learn from its choice of action? What comes across is that in order to make any change and progress in our lives, we need to rid ourselves of past beliefs, habits and memories and start a process of and for change.

Changing how we think changes how we live our lives. We are more than capable of making changes and perhaps our most deeply rooted fear is that we are afraid at just how strong we actually are and thereby possibly prevent ourselves from making a change. What we must realize and be aware of whether we like it or not is that change is inevitable; it is part of the cycle of life. Be positive and strong and soar high just like an Eagle does… Don’t give in to fear because what we want in life is on the other side of it.

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