APC leaders meet to resolve ‘civil war’



• NEC may spare Odigie-Oyegun • Dogara moves to redeem House’s image

IN a bid to reposition the All Progressives Congress (APC) and calm the storm arising from the emergence of National Assembly leadership, President Muhammadu Buhari and other leaders are billed to attend the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the party in Abuja tomorrow.

Among leaders of the party expected at the parley are Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Chief Ogbonnaya Onu.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has formally inaugurated the Ad-hoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs to correct misconceptions and improve the corporate image of the House.

Dogara also yesterday formally inaugurated the Ad-hoc Committee on Code of Conduct to deter and sanction specific cases of unethical behaviour by members in the broader context of preventing and fighting corruption such as conflict of interest, transparency and disclosure of interest on matters before the House.

The committee is to fashion out a code of conduct that members would subject themselves to.

Also towards healing the rift in the party, the President was scheduled to hold a fence-mending meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara at the Presidential Villa last night at which the group loyal to Femi Gbajabiamila, who contested the speakership position with Dogara would also be present.

The 22 governors as well as the 36 state chairmen of the party are expected at the parley to do what Osita Okechukwu, a chieftain of the party, said is aimed at “putting behind the disappointment of having persons other than the party’s choices as leaders of both chambers of the National Assembly and move forward.”

Although party officials are silent on the agenda, it is likely that the issue of restoring party discipline revolving around whether to sanction the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Dogara would be part of the discourse in the parley of the highest decision making organ of the party.

The fate of the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun who has come under fire over his role in the emergence of the National Assembly leadership may also come up when chieftains of the party put heads together to chart the way forward.

OYEGUN-300x225While the decision by the Odigie-Oyegun-led National Executive Council to conduct a straw poll to determine the party’s candidates for the leadership of both chambers of the National Assembly has earned him applause, there were also some who felt he deserve to get the boot for coming up with such idea which has polarised the party. There have also been hushed talks about some ethical misconduct against the former governor of Edo State.

The chairman has also come under scrutiny over the way and manner he rushed into accepting the outcome of the National Assembly leadership polls where Saraki and Dogara emerged winners against the wish of the party which preferred Lawan and Gbajabiamila for the two positions respectively.

Odigie-Oyegun appears to have been caught in the crossfire as two of the party’s power blocs – the G5 led by Atiku who had the victorious Saraki and Dogara on their side and the others led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and a section of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) with Lawan and George Akume on their side, felt at various stages of the tussle that he was on a self-serving mission and had not done enough to live up to their expectations.



The Tinubu group, which lost out in the tussle, felt let down after Odigie-Oyegun who they considered one of their own, did little or nothing to sanction Saraki and Dogara but instead, rushed to endorse their emergence. The G5 who recalled how the aspiration of their candidates would have been dimmed after the straw poll still consider Odigie-Oyegun as Tinubu’s man in the party who must be axed.

In spite of calls for his sack by the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Timi Frank, there were indications that Odigie -Oyegun may be spared as the Alhaji Umar Haruna Mohammed-led forum of 36 state chairmen rose from a two-day meeting last week reaffirming their loyalty to him and members of his executive council.

Okechukwu also aligned himself with the state chairmen saying calls for Odigie-Oyegun’s resignation were unnecessary.

Odigie-Oyegun had in a chat with reporters, distanced himself from taking sides with any interest group, saying, he was more preoccupied with ensuring peace and harmony in the party.

According to him: “It is unfortunate and I think it has arisen because of the clash of major interest groups within the party and that has given rise to gross disloyalty and an unacceptable level of indiscipline and disrespect to the party. What is happening now is very unacceptable and painting us in very bad light. But thank God we have this period of recess in the National Assembly to bring things back together again. We are doing everything we can to ensure that by the time the National Assembly reconvenes, all of these things would have been put behind us.”

On allegations that he got gratification to endorse the Saraki-Dogara leadership, he said: “Well, the issue is simple, gratification to do what and for whom? And what have I done to justify that gratification except to stand as neutral as possible in the circumstance and emphasise adherence to the supremacy of the party. Let anybody who says he brought anything to me come out and say that.



“It is a public thing. It is my integrity they are trying to smear. That comes only through blackmail from some forces that feel that I am standing in the way for whatever their intentions are. But that is neither here nor there. What’s important is that we must put our party back together again and focus on the promises we have made to the Nigerian people.”

On calls for his resignation, he said: “That is going on all the time. People are trying to push me in one direction or the other but one thing I have to my credit is my neutrality. I don’t belong to any of the contending power blocs and of course, that has its price. And that is why you have heard a lot of it directed personally to smear me. I have built a reputation that has lasted for over 70 years. I don’t have to go and be taking peanuts from some political gladiators. Whatever they try to do, they cannot smear my character. If anybody has given me gratification to do anything, let him come out and say so, where and when and how much.”

Inaugurating the ad hoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs yesterday, Dogara, represented by the Deputy Speaker, Sulaiman Yusuf Lasun, specifically charged the nine members to ensure that legislative activities, whether in plenary or in committee, are accessible to the general public.

He noted that in a constitutional democracy, parliamentary activities are subject to citizens’ scrutiny and assessment, hence the need to adequately inform the public since parliament holds a central position in the functioning of a participatory government of the people.

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  • Success Oloriire

    Tinubu should not settle for anythings with them. leave them let them enjoy their time, they were coming to meet you where you sit ok?

    • Bambam

      So he should keep insisting on imposition and his backward views..and tear the party apart right?

      • aiyekooto

        Don’t come here and open your mouth carelessly. It is important to balance views before expressing it.

        • Idris Shehu

          Most of us do not even have idea: This fight is between Tinubu & Atiku groups. It is not a fight between Saraki & Lawal. 2019 is their permutations

          • The fight is as to whether Nigeria will be ruled by the constitution and will have free and fair elections at all tiers of government, nothing else.

    • Prince T

      I wish tinbue could take your advise. wise people like you must rise up and let tinubu face reality and stop holding the party to ransom. nigeria will move on without him.

    • Nuorah

      Tinubu is not as Important as you think.

      • Bhariharam

        We Yorubas are not expected to comment on this matter, except our leader Tinubu has taken a position on the matter, then we will know what to say. period

    • Abayomi A

      This is very funny …:)

  • vic






  • Mr. Abdin

    This is a welcome development for the APC and Nigeria at large, we hope that they will put their acts together so that stability can return in the party. In a situation where the likes of Atiku Abubakar, Bola Tinubu, and the rest will be present in the meeting is a welcome development. God bless Nigeria.

  • Baba Jada

    There is need to urgently deal with the fallout from the national assembly elections. Tinubu needs to accept defeat and move on. there is also need to restore party discipline, the APC have to sanction Bukola Saraki and Dogara

    • Idris Shehu

      What have these individuals done to warrant discipline? They declared themselves elected?

  • Nuorah

    The leaders of the APC should solved their differences on time, if not PDP will take the advantage. Because if you are not careful what happened to your opponent in the past will surely come back to you. APC as the ruling party needs to do the right thing. The likes of Atiku’s involvement is a welcome development for the party.

  • abucheadams

    We all understand the party is supreme; more so the party should know when to draw the line in a very conflicting situation like this. While doing that, the party should be guided by what is good for the country not for the interest of party cabals

  • Ekpen Alile

    There is no one political party more supreme than the NIGERIAN PEOPLE. The elections are over. That’s were the party supremacy ends. To continue to toy with the lives of our people will spell doom for anyone. someone please educate these morans that the time they spend crying is a waste of the NIGERIANS time, refusal to do their job of governing, incompetency, and derelation of their assignments. Therefore, they should either resign or be forced to leave office.
    NIGERIANS must rise up if we can, (never happen before) to take back our land from these tyrants and crooks who only want it just for themselves and family.

  • Ebaah Odibo

    The Lord said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. There is ‘Civil war’ in the ruling party. We knew that will happen even before the elections; when it became clear that APC will win. There is no ‘glue’ of ideals as’ jointing’ materials for the people that form APC. There are only 2 common grounds; they wanted (1) GEJ and PDP out of power and (2) better access to the national treasury. Having got the first goal, they must, as matter of course, fight over the second goal.
    The meeting will ultimately produce more factions. At short run, the gladiators will learn the secret of their opponents and go home and plan again to undo their opponents. The loser: Nigerians who voted for change. With personalities like Tinubu and Atiku having ‘power blocs’ in the party, what time do they have for ordinary Nigerians. These have fed fat on Nigerian largesse and want more. The Lord concluded: “A house divided against itself falls”

    • Ekpen Alile

      You are both intelligent and very correct.

    • Auta62


  • Ekpen Alile

    If it is the interest of NIGERIA they ran for office how come they are afraid to work with some one else other than their gang members?

  • GMB

    let the civil war end and stop distracting President Buhari with your greeds

  • Auta62

    The so called progressives are not progressives after all. They are just some incompatible individuals brought together by inexplicable circumstances. The reasons the ‘civil war’ has begun so early in the party speaks volume of these strange bed fellows. The early they sort out these differences, the better for the party and the progress of the country. The Party for now has lost direction.

  • But I told you so. It is not yet over. PMB is enjoying the fighting. He is steep scared of the wolves and lions that brought him to power. “Still unfolding”. The ACN faction of APC are the know it all in the party. They are the implacable foe in the fold. It’s either them or no one due to the beliefs that they are responsible for the APC victory. Can you imagine that?

  • Abayomi A

    Getting The People’s Job Done: How Buhari Need Proceed

    Buhari should recoup and assert his control to arrest the annoying drift in APC. How does he do this and still be a loyal party man and father to all? He can be a loyal party man without having to rubberstamp all the party does; however improper or unconstitutional. He can be a responsible father-figure to all without having to spoil or unduly indulge any child.

    – Buhari should start by reinforcing being true to himself, his God and the superior millions of Nigerians who placed their unqualified confidence and trust in him for their future and that of their children;

    – If that needs clarifying, I say he should not be tempted to serve any god (with a small gee), as that will not fit the quintessential Buhari Nigerians voted in as president;

    – He should leave no one in doubt that he is on the side of constitutionalism, just as he
    once did when he declared that, though he would have loved to have the party’s wish respected, he was bound to recognize the constitutionality of the election of Assembly leaders by Assembly members themselves;

    – He should redeem his justified, justiciable and patriotic declaration to work with any
    leaders that Assembly members themselves elected and presented to him;

    – He cannot fail to see that those who try to steer him anywhere but the constitutional
    pathway cannot genuinely claim to be his best of friends;

    – Buhari MUST recall that only a FEW out of literarily hundreds of those working for and with him WILL tell him the bitter truth he needs to hear. Most will tell him whatever they think he wants to hear, so that they can keep putting food on their table; and

    – Buhari MUST recall and apply those little things he did in the past that earned him success; not any highfalutin concoction that some may be peddling.

    No one around Buhari is indispensable. As an acid test, Buhari should compare the crowd milling around him now to the relatively few in the recent past when he had to traverse courtrooms to recoup arguably a stolen mandate.

    President Buhari may recall the lonely Daura days when nothing seemed to make sense.

    Most importantly, he should recall lonely sessions with his Creator in those days/hours.

    When the president has done all these, he should get up, thank God, go out boldly and do His Will. He wins.

    • The judiciary will soon show that the rigged election of Saraki as Senate President is unconstitutional.

      • Idris Shehu

        We cannot wait to watch you filing a case in court.

      • Abayomi A

        Okay, I shall send you a cheque when that happens (the decision must come from the apex court; no further appeal). I know you will not get one, as the judiciary will not go against the constitution; regardless of the pressure to do so.

        • Saraki’s kangaroo rigged election that sidelined over 51 senators cannot be anything but unconstitutional. No non-corrupt court will not find it so. The days of courts bending the constitution to satisfy the whims and caprices of rulers have ended with Jonathan’s exit.

          • Abayomi A

            Listen, I agree with your Jonathan quip. Now, what is the issue you are trying to make about 51 senators being allegedly excluded? Would it have mattered if 31 were excluded? What about 11? Or were you looking to have all 109 members of the Senate (full roll) present to hold a ‘constitutional’ election? As two had not even joined the Senate since elections in their States were yet inconclusive, perhaps you wanted a roll of 107 senators, right?

            As it is, your protest revolves around quorum. What was the quorum you expected? If 51 senators were not in attendance, the balance was 58. Two senators yet to join their colleagues would give us 56 in attendance. The 56 would be 51.4 percent of expected full roll of 109.

            Do you have any constitutional requirement for a higher-than 51 percent as quorum to conduct the business of the Senate, including electing its leaders? Please let us know and we should be able to appraise the merit of the case you are trying to make.

            PS: Are you, perchance, related to Segun Falade in Ibadan?

          • I am not thinking about quorum or about who became Senate President, but about the fact that over 51 Senators who wanted to participate were stealthily and deliberately deprived of their rights to participate in the elections. That should not happen in a democracy, certainly not in a House of Senate, a hallmark of democracy. Saraki should quit his post and re-contest the election with a full House of Senate, if he wins, he wins, but he must re-contest in a democracy..Democracy is not about results, it’s about the process. The process that produced Saraki was flawed.

          • Abayomi A

            So, did Saraki and Dogara trick 51 heads of households with hair sprouting on their teeth to go to ICC in a herd to attend a meeting with the president that never was? They did not and could not. At best, the proposition would be a stretch. The president had issued the legal instrument to inaugurate the Assembly (upper and lower chambers) beginning 10 AM June 9, 2015. It was not neat to expect the same president to counter his written drective by verbal means.

            The irony was that those behind the Electoral College illegality were the same folks who tried to stage-manage a meeting that never was to commit Buhari to their agenda. The idea was for the senators to hear Buhari’s word to play along as Tinubu’s side designed it.

            Buhari was not buying it, as it would directly contradict all he had been saying to date. He was not interested in particular Assembly leaders. He had no skin in the game and was prepared to work with any leaders the Assembly members themselves threw up. The contrarian plot of the straw poll failed woefully, as it should.

            Assuming Saraki could actually pull off the stunt most detractors credited to him, ironically, that would only have served to raise his political capital for such deft moves. Well, the fact was that he did not. The plan he jointly owned with his team members was simple but focused and well orchestrated. And, it worked.

            Politics is serious business for and on behalf of the people. Saraki was serious and attended to the people’s business as he should. He was at the right place at the right time while some other sentators, as in the Parable of the Foolish Virgins and oil for their lamps, went chasing a wild goose. Saraki had a large enough following to drub any of Tinubu’s preferred candidates, even if the 51 senators were in the house. Trust me; if the losers had a case, they would long have gone to court; they had none. They were smart not to dare go there. Anyone contemplating a court case would simply be doing Saraki and Dogara further favour. The latter duo would win again.

          • You are missing the point. Though President Buhari gave orders for the Senate to be inaugurated in the morning of June 6, the order did not truncate the length of the day’s session. Like a day in court, it should be long enough for justice to be done to and seen to be done to all participants. If your adversary is not in attendance, the presiding officer adjourns the case, if the presiding officer gives a verdict in your absence, you will appeal and win. Same situation here. Saraki deliberately held a kangaroo session in the day’s early hours, truncated the day’s session to disenfranchise 51 senators that he and everyone knew are interested in voting. That cannot be tolerated in any Senate in a democracy. Voting should be representative, free and fair and seen to be representative, free and fair, Yomi. The new judiciary will make this day-session is not the truncated first few hours of the day, clearer. What kind of Senate is it that its members can be denied participation at the whims and
            caprices of another member? Only in Saraki’s kangaroo senate, which should be immediately disbanded for a free and fair democratic Senate.
            Secondly, and just as importantly, Saraki preferred into Senate leadership, Ndume, a well documented Boko Haram kingpin and sponsor. Saraki preferred Ndume to better qualified, better experienced and untainted Senators tipped by the party. Already, Saraki is in alliance with Boko Haram in a war against 170+ million Nigerians. Saraki and his fellow Boko Haramites must be stopped before they destroy the entire fabric and peace of the nation.

          • Abayomi A

            That’s fine. We simply agree to disagree. When the court decides, we take it from there.

          • Abayomi A

            Listen Segun … The reason I did not feel inclined to sending you a response was that there was no case that needed further proof. I read your latest piece on Vanguard. Again, the piece was wrong on facts, wrong on logic (the mathematics inclusive) and wrong on the law.

            Wrong on facts

            Saraki did not lock out the errant 51 lawmakers who, like the Biblical Five Foolish Virgins, went to business unprepared. The foolish virgins went seeking oil for their lamps. Meanwhile, the Bridegroom came and left with the Five Wise Virgins who had oil in theirs! Your 51 senators went on a fool’s errand, ignoring the business of lawmaking for which they were elected. Saraki did not send them to go on the goose chase; neither did he lock them out. So, Saraki could not be held blameworthy. Your case was wrong on fact there.

            Also, you said the business of the Senate should have been delayed for the 51 errant senators to return. That is not how the real world works. President Buhari had already given the go-ahead for the senate to be inaugurated on schedule at 10:00 AM on June 9. Senate inauguration started at 10:02 AM on June 9. So, the Clerk of the Assembly complied with the law. There was nothing rushed; there was nothing abridged. So, here again, you were wrong on fact and law.

            The election of Senate President Saraki was correct, procedural and constitutional. There was nothing kangaroo about it. If you needed a kangaroo that day, you would have had to go to the ICC. There were 51 of them there. Those who tried to rope Buhari into a moribund plot had their faces flat in the mud. Buhari did not even show up for one second. He was not part of the plot and could not have been. He had warned that he was not keen in interfering in the business of the Assembly. He had no horse in the race and had promised to work with whatever leaders the Assembly members themselves threw up. So, there again, you were wrong on facts.

            Wrong on logic (including the mathematics)

            You repeatedly claimed that 51 senators who wanted to vote were disenfranchised. By who? They disenfranchised themselves. They shirked their duty. You insisted that the senate should have waited for them. Why? That expectation was wrong on logic. Responsible senators had a duty to be punctual for senate business. Senate was inaugurated as and when due.

            Wrong on law

            The senate did not start without the required forum. The senate needed one third of all senators on roll to form a quorum; they had it. See Relevant Senate Rules, as in Chpt V, Part I, Sects. A (54)
            (1) which read as follows:

            “The quorum of the Senate or of the House of Representatives shall be one-third of all the members on of the Legislative House concerned.”

            The number on roll was supposed to be 109, calculated as 3 senators for each of the 36 states plus one senator for the Federal Capital Territory. Less one deceased member, ranking Senator Ahmed Zanna for Borno Central Senatorial District, the net roll was 108. As one third of 108, the quorum was 36. Senators present when the sitting started on June 9 numbered 57; well in excess of the required quorum of 36. So, here again, you were wrong on the law and wrong on the maths.

            The senate has no provision for any external party straw poll or electoral college that the Tinubu wing of APC leadership instigated and tried to impose on the Assembly; the very genesis of the needless rumpus. That move led to loss of face for APC and the leaders who arrowheaded the move. The party and the presidency lost some momentum and valuable public capital. Many of the masses with understandable enthusiasm going into Buhari’s inauguration wondered, as Pat Utomi also did, if some people had stolen their CHANGE again. That was sad.

            The straw poll was a poorly conceived stratagem and an illegal move doomed to fail. We warned so at the very early stage when Tinubu and company could still have backpedalled. Was it that APC no longer had a National Legal Adviser or the Tinubu wing had no lawyer in its rank?

            Relevant Senate Rules, as in Chpt V, Part I, Sects. A (50) (1) (a & b) read as follows:
            “(1) There shall be:-
            (a) a President and a Deputy President of the Senate, who shall be elected by the members of that House from among themselves; and (b) a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall be elected by the members of that House from among themselves.”

            So again, you were wrong on the law.

          • The letter of the law kills, but the spirit gives life. Check my website http://www.jesusfootprints.net

          • There are many Segun Falades, I am one of them.

          • Abayomi A

            I see, thank you. You are Yomi Segun Falade then. Dr. Olusegun Falade runs a private hospital group in Ibadan.

  • Okey

    As we speak, N401 Billion from the proceeds of oil embedded in the soil of the South-South and South-East has already been shared by the 36 states, many of which belong to APC; Has any APC State Governor rejected his state’s share of that money because it came from zones that did not vote APC massively ? Also, all the APC legislators in the Ntional Assembly and and states’ legislatures have received their hotel and other take-off allowances from the same oil money from the South-South and South-East, I never saw or heard any one of them reject his/her allowances because it came from the “wrong zones.” Why then must Ekweremadu’s emergence cause a stir ? Why must any one reject Ekweremadu’s emergence ?

    It is really challenging to one’s faith in this nation, to say least, that Nigerians will be heard making a preference for an immoral meeting summoned at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, falsely engaging President Buhari’s instance and name, for the imposition of one-man’s candidates on the nation’s highest legislative body, NASS, over a duly conducted leadership election on the floor of the Senate. Impugning a result that made for national inclusiveness whilst supporting a cabal for ethnic exclusion, by anybody making a pretence of love of Nigeria is most regrettable.

    Now, the President duly issued a proclamation to bring into life the 8th National Assembly. In that issue, the President was certain; he said the 8th Assembly shall come into effect at 10:00 A.M. of June 9, this year of our Lord, 2015. And in line with that constitutional order, 57 Senators-elect dutifully, patriotically and constitutionally went to the Senate Chambers to be inaugurated and were, in deed, inaugurated. Thereafter, the Senate carried out its first legislative duty which was the election of the Senate President and his Deputy. That they did successfully and in fact, their President, Senator Saraki, enjoyed wider acceptance that he was elected unopposed. And that of his deputy keenly contested.

    Meanwhile, some other Senators unpatriotically ignored the President’s order of proclamation and went to the NICON hotel extension behind the ICC, just to wine and merry for having won election into the Senate. And by the time they sauntered back to the Senate, the law and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have taken their due course. The wining and merrymaking Senators now say the hand of the clock should be shifted backwards to accommodate their giddy dream that 36 hours, instead of 24, make up a day. That cannot happen as it is a pure lie.

    APC should be full of gratitude to Senator David Mark for being himself – being and remaining gentlemanly in the circumstance. In fact, they should also thank Senator Saraki for standing up to defend APC’s interest at that crucial moment. Had Saraki not done what he did, one of those 49 PDP Senators dutifully present would have emerged the Senate President and no Jupiter will reverse it, since APC doesn’t have the 2/3 majority to upturn it. APC should be full of gratitude to Saraki and the Clerk of the National Assembly.

    What took place on June 9, 2015, was a national rebellion against one man’s imposition; a national rebellion against false-Change. That’s precisely why President Buhari never wasted any time in validating the National Assembly proceedings of June 9, 2015. That is as it should be. Also the British and the American governments have validated same by paying courtesy visits to the leadership of the National Assembly pronto. All the authorities – the President the British and American Govts – knew that what was to take place at the restaurant adjacent to the ICC was an imposition, NOT democratic.

    For the first time in the history of this nation, a Christian minority from the Inner North was able
    to squeeze his head up to become the No. 4 Citizen of our dear country. Also in an era where a Buhari was expected to punish the South East for not voting for him massively, the man decided to prove all of us wrong. What then is the unbearable headache ? The only convergence between the cabal impositionists and pseudo patriots and intellectuals is the discomfort that an Igboman – Ike Ekweremadu – emerged in an era where there is a “consensus” that Ndigbo be punished for voting Jonathan. But thank goodness, President Buhari is not comfortable with that “consensus” and has openly and clearly demonstrated he is not part of it. That’s why he wasted no time in welcoming the result of June 9, 2015 in the National Assembly. At least, the President has distanced himself from those who want to perpetuate tribal hate hiding behind a Buhari. Otherwise, how can any sane and just Nigerian rationalize why the self-styled owner of APC will insist that Femi Gbajabiala MUST become the House of Reps Leader even after Yoruba have become Vice President, Senate President and Deputy Speaker, respectively when other zones with equally competent legislators have not been considered ? What “democracy,” what “party discipline”, what CHANGE can that be ?

    Now the decision, in fact duty, whether to have a smooth, peaceful and enduring parliament in Nigeria or not lies with the anti-Ekweremadu, nay, anti-Igboman, elements in APC (party and NASS). Unless the whole essence of APC politics is “Power Grab and Igbo Exclusion,” they have a duty to concentrate on legislation as their duty and allow the Senate Leadership be. Matter of factly, APC does not have the 2/3 to effect a change of Ekweremadu or anything in the Senate. Any “We no go gree” in the Senate will only result in crisis, confusion and setback against the Buhari Govt and the entire nation. Because, PDP in the Senate will equally “No go gree.” APC operatives in and outside the Senate have a choice to make between guaranteeing a peaceful governance for Buhari and Nigeria or a crisis-ridden 4 years with nothing good to show for it.

    • SARAKI’S SIDELINING SENATE SHOULD BE SIDELINED BY PRESIDENT BUHARI, UNTIL JUDICIARY RULES. For how can a corrupt Senate approve the appointment of incorruptible judges? Like begets like.

      Though President Buhari gave orders for the Senate to be inaugurated in the morning of June 9, the order did not truncate the length of the day’s session. Like a day in court, it should be long enough for justice to be done to and seen to be
      done to all participants. If your adversary is not in attendance, the presiding
      officer adjourns the case, if the presiding officer gives a verdict in your
      absence, you will appeal and win. Same situation here. Saraki deliberately held
      a kangaroo session in the day’s early hours, truncated the day’s session to
      disenfranchise 51 senators that he and everyone knew are interested in voting.
      That cannot be tolerated in any Senate in a democracy. Voting should be
      representative, free and fair and seen to be representative, free and fair. The
      new judiciary will make this day-session is not the truncated first few hours
      of the day, clearer. What kind of Senate is it that its members can be denied
      participation at the whims and caprices of another member? Only in Saraki’s
      kangaroo senate, which should be immediately disbanded for a free and fair
      democratic Senate.

      Secondly, and just as importantly, Saraki smuggled into Senate leadership, Ndume, a well documented Boko Haram kingpin and sponsor. Saraki preferred Ndume to better qualified, better experienced and untainted Senators tipped by the party. Already, Saraki is in alliance with Boko Haram in a war against 170+ million Nigerians. Saraki and his fellow Boko Haramites must be stopped before they destroy the entire fabric and peace of the nation.

      • Okey

        I laughooo ! Saraki and the man who wants to impose candidates on the National Assembly, who is worse in that direction ? That’s the shameless irony of the anti-Saraki camp. Let them stand before the mirrow and ask: Me and Saraki, who should first be stoned?

        Propaganda refused to work in the National Assembly affair because there must a limit to it, for Nigerians know the truth after all.

        • I am not writing about an individual rumoured to be wanting to impose candidates on the Assembly. I am talking about the marginalisation and disenfranchising of about half of the 170+ million Nigerians in a rigged election in the Saraki-corrupted Senate. Such is not acceptable in a democracy.

          • Okey

            You have left your premise. Read your earlier post again. My last line – Pot cannot and should not be allowed to call kettle “black.”

          • Okey, the unteachable, I am not talking about personalities, I am talking about principles and legalities.

          • Okey

            You are certainly dull of appreciation and understanding, even of your own premise. I say, read your earliest again.

  • austino77

    Nigerians don’t care who the senate president and speaker of the house are. Nigerians care about the National Assembly reducing their budget to size. A situation where a few members of the government and I mean political office holders both in the legislature and executives gulp a large chunk of our revenue and we have poor or no infrastructure is unacceptable. It is not normal for them to receive allowances and salaries that look like something from outta planet where a majority of Nigerians are just hanging on. Fight corruptions, tribalism and nepotism in whatever form or shape. This government has not taken off properly yet and I am already apprehensive that nothing will work. We really need the people to rise up and chase the political cabals that have decided that it is not going to be well with Nigeria.

  • Saraki’s fraudulent foundation has disappeared. No more excuse for the rigged Senate leaders. Stay tuned. Saraki preferred Ndume, the well-known Boko Haram sponsor, to the more experienced and non-corrupt Senators suggested by the party APC. BokoH Saraki supporting BokoH Ndume, all of them now exposed will face the music and dance.

    As President Buhari had decided to govern with an anti-Corruption philosophy and actionability, he should never work with the present kangaroo Senate President, Vice President and leadership (s)elected by fraudulent procedure. Otherwise, President Buhari will be condoning corruption from the onset and will undermine his anti-corruption programme. President Buhari and/or the APC should suspend Senator Saraki for the rest of his 4-year term, reset the Senate and House voting majority at two-thirds, institute a court action against the kangaroo election of Saraki and especially the non-majority election of Ekweremadu, for depriving at least 51 Senators their right in Senate election participation. This should be done in the next 2 months within which the New Senate would have been re-constituted.

    • Idris Shehu

      What you are saying is trash! .non-corrupt senators. How do you know? Do not even go there, you don’t even know these senators other than reading about them on the pages of newspapers. Losers should accept their faith and move on.

      • Alhaji Garba, you say all the senators are corrupt. Aren’t you making them much more corrupt by endorsing a leadership that was rigged in without allowing free and fair open ballot election?

        • Idris Shehu

          You seem to know which senators are corrupt and which ones are not. I did not say I know either, please read my statement again.

          Was election not held?
          There was no opposition against Saraki on the floor on that day, hence he was returned unopposed.
          Election is done only on the national assembly’s floor and by those members only and nowhere else. Tinubu or Akande cannot go there and vote or be voted for.
          My answer to you: That is how some losers behave.

          • Elections in any democracy should be seen to be free and fair. Since there was no opposition to Saraki on that election, that is proof that he rigged the election by sidelining over 51 opposing Senators. Saraki should quit his rigged post and re-contest with a full house of senators. Elections in a democracy should yield a fairly constant result with a typical section of the voting participants. Saraki’s election was by atypical participants, he should opt for re-election if he is sure his election was not rigged and he would again win.

          • Idris Shehu

            Typical of a loser!. There is nothing you can do, you may chose to hang yourself.
            I watched that election alive on TV. Saraki is the Senate President and it stands.