I did not discuss Jonathan with Buhari, says Anyaoku



Former Commonwealth Secretary, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, yesterday debunked the online report published by Sahara Reporters, which alleged that he visited President Muhammadu Buhari on behalf of former President Goodluck Jonathan to halt the ongoing probe of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government under the former president.

Describing the report as ‘utterly baseless and despicable,” Anyaoku said it was unimaginable that people could sit down and fabricate a story without a foundation. “It is utterly baseless and despicable because there is no truth in it; not at all,” he said.

“My attention has just been drawn to SAHARA REPORTERS’ utterly baseless and despicable story of my meeting yesterday with President Buhari.

The truth is that my meeting with the President lasted only 25 minutes and never, repeat never, was former President Jonathan mentioned in our discussions,” the former Commonwealth scribe said in a statement sent to The Guardian yesterday.

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  • pappyJoe

    S/R gives journalism a bad name. Any way no one believes anything it says without reading the same report in the Guardian and other credible media. Jonathan himself said any govt wishing to probe him should probe his predecessors. Shikena

    • igbiki

      SR is to journalism what coca cola is to soft drinks!

      Mr Jonathan should have probed his predesessors exactly the way Gen Buhari is now about to probe the person who preceded him.


      • Baba Guarantor

        Not too late, you can help jonathan do that….basket mouth boy

        • igbiki

          No I can’t because its too late for him now and you are the one who gets to go pay him some visits at the penitentiary when they are through with him.

          • Baba Guarantor

            Ok let’s wait till then

  • igbiki

    Any story that attracts an instant rebuttal is 99% true, if a story is baseless or unfounded the best thing to do is to ignore it.

    Afterall Anyaoku is neither in government nor is he of any importance or value whatsoever to the new administration to warrant him commenting on the SR breaking story.

    He is just an AGIP vulture rummaging to find what to eat.

    • MC4TRUTH

      Igbiki you lied! Any story that attracts immediate rebuttal is good for gullible people like you who can believe just anything from incompetent and incredible sources. It’s good he debunked the story immediately before you say he is the reason for the crisis in ‘your house’. Pls be mindful how you insult statesmen because you may never achieve their status all your life. People like you are good in running people down. I am sure you don’t have such a great man in your family, village or even state. If you do, Pls name them. Where were you when he brokered the pre-election peace accord? Pls mind your comments. You must not comment on any issue. Stop abusing your freedom of speech!

      • igbiki

        Chief Emeka Anyaoku, GCVO, CON born 18 January 1933 in Obosi, comes from my state and is a certified AGIP vulture, FULL STOP..

        • Walker_hd752abc

          You will never in your miserable and low life be on the same pedestal with Emeka. Since you take delight in insulting people who are old enough to be your dad, you’ll never live to be old.

          • igbiki

            I sm already old thank you. It is people like Mr Anyaoku who made people like you not to have any future whatsoever. And you are celebrating the imbeclie?

      • Baba Guarantor

        Thank you for your comments on ‘igbiki’ – the meaning of ‘igbiki’ in my local language is a child born by mad woman – so, you need not waste your time preaching to him, he will remain and behave like his mother till the end of his life.

    • Chris

      That is insulting to a statesman like Anyaoku people should be guided

      • igbiki

        You must be deranged to think that Mr Anyaoku who just like Gen Gowon doesnt find fault with any government in power in Nigeria is a statesman. Where was he when OBJ was destroying Anambra State or when Abacha was running amok shooting his opponents?

        He is a chop-chop AGIP scum vulture.

      • Obiora

        Ignore Igbiki. He couldn’t understand any of the points raised in the article in order for him to draw up a cogent conclusion, hence why he wrote what he did

    • chx155

      Your response is a demonstration of your emptiness and parochialism. Empty minds try to support their arguments with abuses, insults and character assassination. Must you insult the person of Anyaoku to make your point. Anyaoku is one of the respected sons of Nigeria and does not deserve what you wrote about him.

      • igbiki

        “respected” my leg.

        Chief Emeka Anyaoku is a scum who did AWOL during Biafra. An AGIP who wants to curry favour with all and sundry. If Idi Amin became president of Nigeria, he will go and pay homage.

        Have you forgotten the way he fraternized with Gen Abacha and danced at the YEAA ralies?

  • Dave

    In this game of continued shoting down of some of our best eleven with the aid of Tinubu press machines, a prize surely awaits us as a nation some day.

    • MC4TRUTH

      Don’t mind foolish people. Our people say that ‘ when you kill your warrior in local fight and gossip, then you will have none to represent you at major contests abroad. Unfortunately, the people who do this so often are those who has no significant contribution to national development. Time is coming when no one will be willing to serve his fatherland Nigeria. We don’t know how to celebrate our own neither do we know how to critique them. All we have are noise makers. Some say they are comrades but the became richer and marry intercontinental wives in power. Kettle calling pot black. May God have mercy on us.

      • arisemynaija

        Gbuo dike na ogu uno, olue na ogu ezi achoba dike. I agree bro

    • Stanley Ogbere

      Why did you mention Tinubu? Tinubu is not the owner of Sahara Reporters and the information is not coming from The Nation. You too should not shot down our striker. Condemn the act and stop casting aspersion on the personality of Tinubu.

  • Babalakin

    I have respect for elders but elders that are in sync with all governments whether good or not are not elder statesmen. He was in sync and supported the last regime, now we hear a lot of negative things about the outgone regime. They should stand for the truth at all times.

    • youandme

      Thank you my brother. They call him ‘elder stateman’, elder-stateman my foot. Is he not from S/E where money is their god? The truth is that he wants his own share in Buhari’s govt as he got in previous govt and I’m sure he must have been dissapointed after the meeting with PMB. A true elder-stateman would have condemned and dissociated from the govt of Jona the same way people likes of Papa Prof. Wole Soyinka did and he’s currently doing now. That’s an acceptable attribute of a stateman and not the other kind of kari-ka-chop (I’m not sure if that spelling is correct) so-called type of stateman from the S/E. Yeye biafrans.

      • chx155

        Bad belle de kill

        • youandme

          Yea like the same bad belle wey you have for Tinubu.

          • mcleonard

            It is rather unfortunate that people of low intellect make misguided statements and end up exposing their ignominy in the public and call it intelligence.Needless to say that even the smallest child with very young understanding can easily notice where this natiion is heading to and no amount of blackmail or intimidation from any quaters can cover up the truth that the south-south have given this nation the most focused and intelligent person as president in the person of GEJ.Tunubu or tinubu and his cohorts can go ahead and muzzle up the whole southwest and kill all of them as he killed the indefatigable Funsho Williams of blessed memory.A man made a statement that his political ambition does not worth the blood of any Nigerian and he went ahead to make good his promise even when the blood letting individuals were busy building up and heating up the polity he still maintained his ool even to the last minute.Those of u replying this young man that was insulting the revered former commonwealth secretary general almost end up making him relevant,there are people you don’t waste your precious time on,because,they do not worth your precious time.We are watching event’s as they unfold.

          • youandme

            Hello young man. I would not have replied to your comments if not for the twist therein. However, I would like you to ask yourself this simple question: would have Obasanjo let Tinubu go if he was the mastermind of Funso William’s assassination? Do you think he would have given that Obasanjo was and is Tinubu’s No 1 political enemy? And what about his No 2 enemy (Bode George)….do you think these people would have spared him given that they were in power at the time Tinubu was a lone ranger? Every attempt to pull him down failed and there is nothing they could do other than to tarnish is profile and sell those lies to soft brains like you. Anyway, I wasn’t caught off-guard after reading your comments, it’s typical of s/e people who are usually antagonists of growth and success. Full of tribal sentiments and nepotism. It is difficult for many of you to see Tinubu as a strong influence at the federal level today and my advice for you all is keep the bitter pill in your stomach until 2019 when you will be put to shame again. Yeye biafrans…No 1 enemy of Nigeria.

          • mcleonard

            Boy,or whatever you may be.Name calling and insults is not the game.It’s unfortunate that by your tone of english writing you appear lettered,but,viewing it from another angle you appear to be one of those few educated,but,illiterate ones we have in the society,most especially,among people of your class.So sad that our dear beloved Nigeria have been handed over to bandits and clowns in the name of politricks .Thank God almighty for the wisdom in GEJ,if not,cowards of the wild,wild west would have ran into Benin Republic as they did while Abacha was after them.We are wiser now.No blood of the innocent and poor citizens of this nation should be shed unnecessarily not even that of your worst enemy.Thank God again for the wisdom in GEJ.Amechi is like a vulture that’s suddenly discovered it’s root and it had no option but to join them by fire by force and on him and others like him we say time wil definitely tell.God bless you !

          • Adeyemo Ayotunde

            just passing by, intelligent u said about GEJ. Wisdom u said, chai. I reserve my comments. All I have to say is that you are tribalistic. Remove the veil clouding your judgement. FYI Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a dullard. Yes, I said it. His precedecessors were wiser, more articulate, more diplomatic, more experienced politically and more intelligent. Jonathan that was saying pardon, pardon, pardon on CNN. You people make me laugh, hahahaha. Anyway, why wouldn’t u back him. But that’s exactly the problem we have in this nation. Tribalism is a cancer in our development. Wake up, abeg.

    • chx155

      All the negative things you hear about the past administration is propaganda meant for very gullible individuals like you who abound in this country. If Anyaoku identifies with all the governments, according to you, he is a statesman who makes his wealth of experience in International relations available for the good of Nigeria. Have you ever heard he went to ask for contracts or political positions? People like Buhari claim to have experiential resources in military combat, yet he kept away from helping to prevent the killing of over 2,000 Nigerians,who are especially his kinsmen, just to make a political point and win election. And he did! People like you see nothing wrong with that in your perpetual, self-inflicted blindness. But you come here to abuse a man that has gone to share his experience with Buhari who is about to undertake a critical diplomatic project, going to US. How do you know he was not invited by Buhari for advice? Empty people like you who pollute this forum should stay away from public commentary.

  • The Trib3sman

    Question now is …..Is Sahara Reporters not far more despicable than Radio Biafra?

    • Concerned Nigerian

      What is the connection here? There should be some sense of maturity.

  • Adeyemo Ayotunde

    whoever says all the negative things said about the past administration were a propaganda is either too blind to see, too deaf to hear, or sees and hears but too dumb to understand the politcial decay that plagued the last administration, or hears, sees and understands but has his heart sentimentally and tribalistically frozen to accept the truth that GEJ is the worst Civilian President Nigeria ever had. I don’t need to start mentioning the numerous atrocities, corruption scandals and unbelievable level of financial frauds that plagued his administration. Unless otherwise that person lived the GEJ-led administration in coma or slept through it, that’s when that person can be excused. From this thread I can see that this Chief Emeka that has been the subject of discussion has been heavily defended by people of similar ethnic roots and criticized by people who don’t share the same ethnicity. People, quit being tribalistic for a second. It doesn’t help. As for me whoever supported GEJ’s administration does not deserve to be called an elder stateman. I rest my case.

    • Wise Head

      Yes, I agree. But you forgot to add that Obasanjo is the best president we ever had – with his massive loot and several companies he built from the princely sum of N25, 000 he had in his account when he left prison, and the countless cases of unsolved high profile cold-blooded murders that happened right under his nose, like the killing of Bola Ige, Marshal Harry, AK Dikkibo etc. That qualifies as the best president of Nigeria

      • Adeyemo Ayotunde

        Well, I didn’t exactly mention Obasanjo in my comment neither did I laud his administration. But since I said GEJ is the worst Civilian President Nigeria ever had, I guess I implicitly compared him with Obasanjo’s administration as well as other past presidents. Mine is not the case of canvassing support for one political leader while trying to discredit another. I am speaking as a neutral person on a neutral basis. Every government has its pros and cons and while I didn’t study political science in school I can still say the state of government during GEJ’s time was nearing insolvency. A lot of factors contribute to this which I am not going to mention; use your intelligence. What I am saying is governance reached a low, theoretically all the parameters were there for this state (Nigeria government) to fail. That’s why I still see this country as a big mystery. Everything in this country defies logic, ideals and theories. You would have to have an IQ of at least 125 to understand what am saying. I am not tribalistic neither am I sentimental. If we brought political analyst with no political affiliations to evaluate all the past administrations I believe they would reach the same conclusion as mine because wise men always reach the same conclusion but the unwise men are always divisive in their opinions. But a group of wise and unwise men always result in confusion for the unwise because the unwise just doesn’t have the capacity to understand wise reasonings. I rest my case. #Iamneithertribalisticnorsentimental

        • Onuasata

          @Adeyemo: You’re right about GEJ looting mercilessly except that you forgot that he was cutting the cake in comparison from what others shared since 1960. In my humble opinion, I don’t think he stole more than other leaders if their loots is collectively matched with his. It is for this same reason that I do NOT blame Jonathan because in a no man’s land, living is a jungle. He has my respect.

        • MacGeorge

          Typical Yoruba bigot. I don,t have your time this night otherwise I would have given it to you in full measure.

  • Olaniyan Damola Olaniyi

    “Stealing is not corruption” that statement alone shld attract a capital punishment


    who is reading sahara reporters must be an idiot because they will make you one.

  • Godwin Akukwe

    President Buhari knows who is telling the truth! If Sahara Reporters made false allegation against Chief Anyaoku, the credibility of their past, present, and future reports should be considered unreliable. If Chief Anyaoku actually went to plead with President Buhari on behalf of President Jonathan and his former administration as reported by Sahara Reporters, the Igbo Chiefs and Elders should remove the Red Cap from his head immediately. Some of our fellow Nigerians cannot afford one good meal a day while some have Billions of Dollars/Naira of stolen national money in their various bank accounts both domestic and foreign. Both past and present stolen national money should be returned and the culprits should be locked up and all their belongings confiscated!