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10 Easy Steps To Make Ice Cream Cake

There is no feeling compared to getting the best of both worlds in one bite! To all the ladies and gents with a sweet tooth munching on one treat and getting the unique taste of ice cream and a sumptuous cake is on various levels quite gratifying.

Below are easy steps to make this sweetened delight in the comfort f your kitchen:
Servings:12 individuals

Ice cream cake with strawberries

Photo Pixabay


● 6 cups of vanilla ice cream
● 6 cups of chocolate ice cream
● 3/4 cup hot fudge sauce
● 1 cup of whipping cream
● 1/4 cup sugar
● 1 teaspoon vanilla
● Mini cake


1. Allow the vanilla and chocolate ice cream to s soften for a while.
2. Line your cake pans with plastic wraps. Scoop the soft ice cream(vanilla and chocolate) into separate cake pan.
3. Cover the cake pan with plastic wrap and put the pan into the freezer for a minimum of eight hours or overnight until the content of the pan becomes hard.
4. MIx sugar, heavy cream and vanilla in a large bowl using a turning stick or electronic mixer.
5. Refrigerate the mixed content.
6. Remove the ice cream layers from the freezer.
7. Slice up your cake into three using a knife.
8. Place chocolate ice cream layer on the bottom of the serving plate.
9. Add a slice of the cake over top. Also, add a vanilla layer over top.
10. Spread whipped cream over top of the entire cake. Freeze the entire cake until when you are ready to eat.

If you are feeling adventurous, you eat this slice of cake with chocolate biscuits, honey, strawberry, a bottle of milk or with chocolates!

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