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A Fascinating List Of Nigeria’s “IT” Fashion Trends

There is so much of our rich and diverse culture embedded within the Nigerian fashion scene that they have evolved into regular style trends and even global staples. Here, we explore some of these unparalleled fashion trends within Nigeria.


Over the course of the years, Ankara has become a holy grail of fashion in Nigeria. Ankara fabrics come in myriads of patterns and prints which make them suitable for different cuts and styles. Ankara can be worn for any occasion including work, leisure and the occasional Owambe.

Aso Ebi

Frankly, any traditional party or ceremony within Nigeria is not a party if aso ebi is not involved. Aso ebi is translated as “cloth for the family”, and most wedding parties, engagement parties and funerals within Nigeria incorporate it as a show of solidarity during such ceremonies and festivities.


In Nigeria, Aso Ebi is never really complete without an accompanying headgear, most popular of which is the “Gele”. Gele is the traditional Nigerian head wrap and the official accessory for Aso Ebi. It is made from a stiff fabric and worn around the head.

Iro and Buba

Iro and Buba are just as old as Nigeria, having originated from the southwest region. Over the years, it has been reinvented into what the younger generation refers to as “Oleku”. The traditional Yoruba outfit features a loincloth made with African print or Ankara tied around the waist (iro) and paired with a long-sleeved top (buba).


What is a Nigerian Yoruba wedding without the traditional Agbada? It’s hard to say as most wedding guests look out for this designated gorgeousness in male fashion. While this originally was associated with male fashion, some Nigerian women have jumped on this bandwagon, and some might agree that they rock this trend better than many men would.

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