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A Journey Through The Evolution of Eyebrows

From the over-plucked to the drawn on, eyebrows have evolved over the decades. For today’s special edition, we take you down memory lane and give you a little backstory on the evolution of eyebrows.

The 1910s

In the beginning, eyebrows weren’t anything special. There were combing and shaping, and some women darkened or lightened their eyebrows. Heavy makeup or tweezing was for actresses and prostitutes.

The 1920s

The ‘20s was the beginning of more extreme beauty routines for women. Ultra-thin brows with a downward pointed tip—to give women a sad appearance—was the trend.

The 1930s

Women of the ‘30s were all about the thin but high arched brow. They were high in the middle with even downward curves on both sides.

The 1940s

The ‘40s marked the era of more natural-looking shapes. Many women were working traditionally masculine jobs for the first time to replace the labour force taken by World War II. Over-tweezed brows died out during this decade.

The 1950s

Actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The ‘50s were the golden era for film, makeup, and all things beauty. Eyebrows remained thick and arched and using makeup to fill them in became more popular.

The 1960s

The ‘60s were an experimental time for makeup. Some balanced their bold, Twiggy-inspired look with groomed eyebrow arches while others stuck to a more traditional makeup look and went heavy on the brow.

The 1970s

Thin eyebrows slowly crept back in the ‘70s. The makeup of the ‘70s (vibrant eyeshadows and lots of blush) was accompanied by thin, heavily arched brows.

The 1980s

The ‘80s were all about being extra and it showed in the brows. Thick, barely groomed brows were the trend in this decade.

The 1990s

Pencil-thin brows came back. This time, however, brows were over-plucked, naturally arched line of hair without a lot of filling in.

The 2000s

In the early 2000s, instead of making brows thinner, many people made them shorter; tweezing away hair from the space between the brows.

The 2010s

The 2010’s is all about the thick faded brow – starts off thin and faded and gradually fades into a darker shade. This era is also about shaping your brow to fit your features making makeup more natural and personal.

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