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Are "Trends" Still A Thing?

Once upon a time, suede was dated, flare trousers were the uniform, and almost every man owned a leather jacket. Fast forward to 2017, suede is sexy, flare trousers are considered a nod to individualism, and leather jackets are a statement.

A rise in feminism and individualism has eliminated condemn, and the ferocious rise of the voices from the media and individuals have made something that would normally be considered bad, seem cool, and something that would be presumably tacky like sequins seem fabulous.

In fashion, there seem to be no boundary anymore. Vintage is fresh and modern is timeless. Cold shoulders for the last five years have been a thing. Outfits no longer die fully like they used to.

21st-century superstars like Rihanna and Pharell have defined style in modern days. Both artistes are gender fluid when it comes to clothes, and time is no limit.

Trends, like style, have become so eternal they no longer exist. There seem to no longer be a seasonal style. What is in today is still in tomorrow.

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