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Are You In Love Or Simply Infatuated?

In the world of romance and attraction, there are two distinct phases that cannot be avoided: infatuation and attraction. Infatuation occurs at the early stages of interaction and the attraction slowly builds into what is called love.

Unfortunately, there is no bell or signal to indicate when a person moves from one stage to the next and a lot of people have trouble reconciling their feelings for romantic interests at different times. Here are some questions that might help put things into proper perspective.

First off, let’s assume that your romantic interest is called Boo.

I get weak knees when I’m near Boo

a. Most times

b. Every time

c. Never

I feel like I can trust Boo

a. True

b. Sometimes

c. Not particularly

Boo knows everything about me

a. Mostly true

b. We share secrets occasionally

c. No, just the things on the surface

I’m afraid to say the wrong things around Boo

a. False, we both express ourselves freely

b. True

c.  False, we never talk about sensitive things

Boo always know how to calm me down when I’m upset

a. True

b. Sometimes

c. Not really



Mostly A: You are past most likely past the infatuation phase with this person and can take the relationship further.

Mostly B: It’s a hit or miss. You should give it more time before making any decisions.

Mostly C: This is most likely a crush that will end soon.

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