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11 Basic Universal Dining Tips For Everyone

There are eating patterns that are peculiar to a certain people. If not, how do you explain using your hands to eat swallow or using chopsticks to eat ramen or using your fork and knife to eat grains? However, we take cognizance of the fact that there are universal proper dining manners that must be obeyed regardless of how you choose to eat and this post will be addressing those tips

Wait for the host to direct you to where to sit. If he doesn’t, table experts advise you sit on the left-hand side.

Do not pull out a seat for someone at the dining. We know it looks cute but that is totally against dinner etiquette (unless of course, he thinks treating you like a princess includes that).

Ensure everyone at the table gets served before you start eating. It is also ideal to wait for the host to give the go-ahead before you start eating.

Unfold your napkin and place it on your laps when you sit. Do this only after the host or hostess has done his. If you will leave the seat for a while, place the napkin on your seat and when you are done, fold it and place it on your left on the table.

Eat Quietly. Slurping an lip smacking can be annoying. Practice eating with your mouth closed.

Avoid placing your elbows on your table. Instead, sit upright and bring the food close to your mouth. If you are afraid that your food might fall, pick your food in small bits. That way, the food dropping is close to one or nothing at all

Stuffing your mouth with food can make you appear uncultured. Put it in your one portion at a time and in little quantities.

Don’t pick food from your partner’s plate. As ladies, we tend to think it is cute if we pick food from our neighbour’s plates especially if it is a guy. A lot of guys do not appreciate this but are only trying to be polite about it.

Don’t stretch your hands to collect something on the table. Politely tell the person close to what you want to pass it across.

Use a floss when you want to pick your teeth. This particular rule is subjective. As a lady, you should pick your teeth when you get to an enclosed area, not a public place.

Danger Alert: Do not eat overboard even if your host doesn’t complain, do not eat overboard.
Practice these tips and in no time, you’d be doing it right.

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